Work finally starts on Albion Road repairs after damage caused by burst water main

Albion Road

Work is finally taking place to repair Albion Road in Broadstairs which was damaged due to a burst water main on December 27.

The road is still closed while work takes place and Stagecoach services The Loop and 8X services are diverting via Millmead Road and St Peters Road (at the back of the hospital). The service is not currently serving St Peter’s.

Stagecoach say the diversion is in place until Friday (January 6).

A Kent County Council spokesperson said: “Albion Road has remained closed for Southern Water to carry out repairs to the road caused by the burst water main. This includes some re-surfacing work.

“The road is expected to re-open on the 6th January.”

The length of the closure has been called “unacceptable” by resident and campaigner Jenny Matterface.

She said: “At long last workmen are on site but this has been a major inconvenience for everyone relying on buses in the Beacon Road ward area because there is no alternative service and there have been children going to school who have had to walk to the railway station or the Wheatsheaf stop. There were no proper signs so people have also been waiting at the bus stop for a service that won’t arrive.

“This is a main road and a major bus route and it will have taken more than a week to start repairing two holes.

“I realise workman are returning after the festive break but it is an unacceptable delay to repairs on a main route.”

Jenny said road signs have now been appropriately placed to let drivers know about the closure.

She said: “There are finally road closed notices sited properly rather than having people swinging round the corner and then having to U turn. Shockingly, some divers were seen mounting the pavement to bypass the Heras fencing.”

County Councillor Ros Binks said she has been informed by Kent Highways that the work, which is the responsibility of Southern Water to carry out, is expected to be complete by the weekend.

UPDATE JANUARY 6: A Southern Water spokesperson said: “We can confirm that the reinstatement has been done today and the road will re-open by the end of day.”


  1. It would appear appropriate and sensible planning for KCC and Southern Water to carry out repairs with only one closure and no traffic lights causing further traffic issues.
    It is well known amongst the older generation that construction workers and Manuel workers have a 2 week break over the festive period I believe.

  2. Two separate scandals here: Southern Water have done very little planned maintenance work and these sort of mechanical failures will keep happening. Also, KCC rely on private contractors to do road repairs and lack their own DLO to repair Kent’s main roads. Not surprising that after an extended public holiday that contractors may not have a works team readily available.

  3. At least it was not the Gas people, for some reason when they have a road closure or temporary lights it is for weeks at a time. I see they are having lanes closed again in Ramsgate road Margate by the Hospital for gas. They have only just finished at the end of last year.

  4. Tony , be assured as a county councillor i have had a site meeting with british gas and they agreed to some changes to the roadworks as i was unhappy with their original plans. There will be problems , but be assured i will monitoring the situation every day as i live in area affected

  5. Stagecoach did put signs on bus stops on that route as I’ve seen them if someone takes them down then what else can be done .

    • There were never any on Beacon Road, the route the 8A uses in the evening, nor any at St. Peter’s Railway Bridge.

  6. Southern Water – Turds in the sea & beaches – Flooded closed roads traffic at a stand-still – No water for 1000’s – Yet everyone still pays their bill, their Directors, shareholders take their £ bonuses instead of re-investing – The sun comes out for 8 weeks and they ban hose pipes – If everyone cancelled their direct debit & didn’t pay a them a penny it would bring them down & the government would need to take control just like most countries – They are far to big and out of control & need splitting up – we can change energy providers like gas electric telephone but not water?

  7. Has Southern Water yet offered any monetary compensation to its customers for any of these serious disruptions of service?

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