Broadstairs councillor calls for pedestrian crossings near ‘dangerous’ road junction

Cllr Rawf has made a request for two pedestrian crossings

A Broadstairs councillor is calling for two pedestrian crossings to be installed in his ward.

Cllr Aram Rawf, who represents Beacon Road ward, says the crossings would help with a ‘very dangerous area’ where Westover Road meets Northdown Road (St Peter’s).

The independent councillor has contacted Kent County Councillor Lesley Game and a transport officer to pass the request to Environment & Transport Committee members.

He said: “One of the main concerns in the community which I represent is road safety. The focus of this concern is the very dangerous area where Westover Road meets Northdown Road. At this corner the residential area meets the industrial area and the vehicle and foot traffic of a nursery, a special school, a council service building and the bus stop which is the connection to the rest of Broadstairs. This meets the lorry, van and vehicle traffic of our industries.

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“There have in the past been accidents here, including a fatality, and my conversations with constituents identify this corner as a source of inconvenience and fear.

“I propose that a crossing is installed across Westover Road and another across Northdown Road, that the bus stop is moved to meet the crossing and that warning notices of an upcoming crossing are established 200 metres in advance of the corner in all directions.

“The loss of parking to be replaced at the current bus stop for those household that are affected by this change. This would ensure the safety of those crossing to catch the buses, to take children to the nursery, to school, to the activity centre, to use the council’s own services, to enter the industrial zone or simply to access other parts of Broadstairs on foot.

“Thanet District Council planning committee also voted for development in Northdown Road Broadstairs to be approved by officers later this year once an agreement setting out legal terms is signed.

“ I ask for KCC  Environment & Transport Cabinet Committee and council’s support in this necessary change.”

Cllr Game has passed the request to KCC Highways.

Crash data shows 26 traffic incidents listed as serious, with one fatal collision further out on the A255, and 81 ‘slight’ incidents in the last ten years in and around the Westover/Northdown Rad area.

A Kent County Council spokesperson said: “Making our roads safer is a top priority and we assess all requests for safety improvements based on evidence. For any new controlled pedestrian crossing this includes level of demand for the crossing point, the impact on road design such as closeness to junctions and whether there is clear visibility for drivers. We will contact local elected officials to discuss next steps, which could include surveying both locations.”

The call follows on the heels of a petition raised by resident and campaigner Jenny Matterface last year asking for double yellow lines at the junction.

The petition to Thanet council read: “Due to the vehicles parked at the location it is dangerous for pedestrians to cross especially the elderly, those with poor eyesight, anyone with limited mobility, parents and carers with children and buggies.

“The additional housing proposed for the former gasworks site means even more vehicles will try to use this already busy junction.”

The petition was put on hold while a campaign to save Stagecoach services in Thanet was mounted.

Find the petition here


  1. I absolutely agree with you Aram. Also at the top of the road near the shop desperately needs some sort of crossing. My daughter is at St Peter’s school and I’d like to let her walk to school on her own, but there is simply no way I can because crossing there is so dangerous. Cars are parked so you can’t see what is coming along Beacon Rd and drivers are coming out of the two junctions. There are so many factors to check before you can cross safely. I don’t know why there isn’t a lollipop person there.

  2. These crossings are much needed particulary for elderly and less mobile pedestrians, and for parents with prams and children. At the moment vehicles can come from too many directions to ensure safe crossings for people on foot. They could help cyclists too
    The roads are busy and vans, buses and lorries use them

    • Traffic holdup = a good thing.
      It means that fast moving vehicles can’t mow down pedestrians.
      We are all road users, not just motorists.

      • “It means that fast moving vehicles can’t mow down pedestrians.”

        How many pedestrians have been mowed down on that junction in the past five years, bud?

  3. Did he make the request when he was a labour councillor ? If he did, what was the council’s reaction to the request then, and will the council change it’s decision now ?

  4. Whilst I agree this can be a problem junction. It would make a lot of sense to block off vehicle access to the large corner pavement area as it is always covered in parked vehicles, even a special school mini bus all over the Christmas period as if it is legal. Double yellow lines on the bend might help also as people take their lives in their hands not being able to see what is approaching round the bend with cars parked all along it.

    The needs to be another Pedestrian Crossing at the junction of Ramsgate Road and Enterprise Road by Hornby Hobbies as the traffic lights do not allow any time for pedestrians to cross the main wide 40 MPH section of road there. The lights go to red in one direction and immediately green to the other. That is dangerous and there are special schools and shops along there too. There is a record of incidents and it is classed as one of the worst roads in the UK in that respect. None of the local or KCC Councillors will do anything about that spot.

    • Regarding the junction at Westover Road and Northdownhill, absolutely right about sight lines there compounded by those vehicles from one of the car repair workshop. I’ve been told that obstructing the pavement is something for the police to deal with but it’s one reason why I started the petition for double yellow lines there. Parked cars on both roads make it I possible to see clearly.

      I am not sure where the bus stop there could be re-sited because I’ve been told it won’t be on Westover Road where there is a stop at the top of the road and beyond the existing stop,there’s no pavement so it can’t be put there unless part of the verge is bought for that purpose.

  5. Putting the verge down would also be a very good idea at points on Westover Road – more dropped kerbs elsewhere in Broadstairs are much needed
    Traffic speed limitations would be a good idea in several parts of the town

    • True but more dropped kerbs reduce the amount of on-street parking for those without a drive. Images on the speed restrictions but they need enforcing.

  6. Yes, roads need to be safe for all users.Road use has changed since 1890.
    Maybe Cllr Rawf could take time away from looking at social media screens and actually get out in to the street as a lollipop man. Then assist with others that will do lollipop crossings untill the locals are already scared to venture out out in early dark evenings.
    Sorry i dont vote woke, others will have significantly other vote issues.
    How much £ has Cllr Rawf paid for this article ? Hope its a freebe

    • “Sorry i dont vote woke”

      Yeah, we get it. You vote for those who are racist, for those who benefit from injustice and want to keep those “beneath” them subjugated.

      If woke (originating as a term in the civil rights movement in the usa) is standing against racism and injustice, then being antiwoke means you’re for racism and injustice), logically speaking.

  7. I moved from Broadstairs over 11 years ago, because it isn’t pedestrianised! During the summer months its full of foreign students, Folk week, and other town amusements makes it impassable for the elderly, and those who have mobility problems! Ramsgate is so much more user friendly!

  8. “full of foreign students, Folk week, and other town amusements makes it impassable for the elderly,”

    Weird how my severely disabled father has absolutely zero issues passing through the town on his scooter then innit?

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