Pursuit in Ramsgate ends with suspects crashing into four vehicles – including police car

A police car was crashed into by the suspects Photo by @MorrissetteSue

Two men have been arrested following a police chase in Ramsgate this morning (December 26) which ended with the suspects crashing into four vehicles, including a police car.

The pursuit began after officers requested a motorist to pull over but they failed to do so.

The driver then hit two parked cars and an oncoming vehicle at low speed before crashing into a police car in Richmond Road.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “At 8.45am a car failed to stop for officers when requested to do so in St Luke’s Avenue, Ramsgate.

“Following a short pursuit, it was identified that the car had collided with two parked vehicles and an oncoming vehicle at low speed, before then colliding with a police car in Richmond Road.

“Two men were arrested and enquiries to establish the full circumstances are ongoing.”

Anyone with information can contact investigating officers on 01843 222289, quoting reference 26-0217.



  1. Likely to be drug related errand boys, those that had their cars hit will now be faced with higher insurance payments through no fault of their own, classed as ‘unlucky’ that’s what happened to me. These stench on society should be made to cover all costs….. little sπ!t$….. blimey, that escalated quickly 😂

  2. And what sentence will be given to the scum, points on their licence that they don’t have. The law in this country is beyond a joke.

  3. St Luke’s Avenue, The new problem area deals on wheels 27/7

    0845 blimey them naughty boys were up early or finishing night shifting

    • Absolutely, when their renewal arrives and it’s doubled , they’ll shop around and they’ll be asked….”have you made a claim in the last 5 years, regardless of who was at fault”……no escape for the innocent.

  4. Yup! A little while ago some drunk druggy nearly wrote off 7 cars in St Lukes Avenue! The St Lawrence school wall in St Lukes Avenue has been demolished twice this year! What is it with St Lukes Avenue, is it just a cut through to Margate Road, and Newington?

  5. Dumpton, you’d have to ask the drunk/druggies that question, then again they’re unlikely to have a brain cell between them to come up with an answer!

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