An invite to Chill on the Hill in Ramsgate

Chill on the Hill

If you are already looking ahead for things to do after Christmas, Chill on the Hill is set to take place on December 28-29.

That’s Church Hill in Ramsgate where you will find Thanet’s popular tech museums.

Resuming the winter tradition begun by The Micro Museum pre-pandemic, this year the two museums will be opening for two afternoons just after the Christmas holiday long weekend.

On 28 and 29 December, The Micro Museum at number 11, at the top of the hill, will be welcoming those who enjoy vintage computers and playing video games on the selection of original consoles. Opening times 1pm-4pm on both afternoons.

This Museum is (Not) Obsolete, at number 5-7, will be open for visitors to discover interactive displays of repurposed and experimental technology. Opening times noon-4pm on both afternoons.

Find the museums at:

Micro Museum

This Museum is not Obsolete


  1. All the best to Kathy and staff this Christmas and new year.
    Come on you people who moan and gripe at every story.
    Turn over a new leaf and be positive with your comments (you know who you are)!
    Smile in 2023.

  2. I see they have a VideoGenie and several Commodore PETs. These were the computers on which I learned BASIC and launched a career in computing, one way and another.

  3. I love these museums. Both run by passionate and quirky enthusiasts – the description of “this museum is not obsolete” doesn’t do it justice. It’s a bonkers collection of interactive machines, synthesizers and bakolite 1920s telephones that beep and delight.

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