Laleham Gap students, staff and families plant 560 trees in school grounds

James Solly from Year 7 and younger brother Edward, planted 22 trees

Laleham Gap School in Ramsgate ended 2022 on a Green ecological high with the mass planting of 560 trees in the last few days before Christmas.

The veritable forest that is now growing in the school was the brainchild of Biology teacher Lisa Dixon. The aim of the project was to enhance the green areas of the school.

The planting was part of a charitable project with the Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership scheme with Kent County Council. In just a few days students planted the 560 trees in all areas of the school – across Primary, Secondary and Post 16. They planted whips, about one and a half year old specimens, and the slightly more mature feathers. Oak, Beech, Hornbeam and Hawthorn are now in place across the school.

Miss Dixon said “Although the students at Laleham were already very aware and knowledgeable of the ecological importance of trees to our ecosystem this hands-on approach adds to the depth of understanding.

“Students, staff and some parents were proud to play their part in something that will be a significant feature of the school over years and even decades to come.”

The school also organised a highly successful community planting day that, despite the bitter cold, was enjoyed by all. With so many to plant the final tree was put in place by Primary pupils on the very last day of term before the Christmas break.

Alfie Claydon in Year 10 and his Dad
were expert planters

All the effort has already proved worth it in terms of the understanding and enjoyment of the students. The benefit will literally grow with the trees as the years go on. The school has recently established its own forest school, and as the 560 trees develop into full maturity it will deserve the title of forest school more than ever!

Miss Dixon said: “The school’s motto is Learn, Grow Succeed…well we have just done that in wheelbarrow loads!”


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