Arrest in Dumpton as part of modern slavery investigation

Emergency services

A man was arrested at a property in Dumpton yesterday (December 22) as part of an investigation into modern slavery.

Officers attended Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs – near the Post Office and Brown Jug – yesterday morning.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police officers attended Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs on Thursday 22 December as part of an investigation into alleged modern slavery.

“A man has been arrested and released on bail while enquiries continue.”

In January this year Thanet councillors were told that the isle accounted for 11% of modern slavery/human trafficking reports made in east Kent in six months from August 2021, including fears of sexual and labour exploitation of young women at a food outlet and a case of suspected forced labour.

The figure was revealed by Kent Police District Commander for Thanet, Chief Inspector Matthew Smith.

Between August 2021 and January 2022 there were 12 Thanet reports of modern slavery and/or human trafficking.

Eight related to adults and four to children and included a range of criminal actions from County Lines drug running to forced labour.

Chief Insp Smith said work to tackle the exploitation was carried out by partners in the Multi Agency Task Force. These include officers from Kent Police’s Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking team, the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA), Border Force, Thanet council, Kent Fire and Rescue, HMRC and Dept for Work and Pensions.

How to report it:

Modern Slavery Helpline 08000 121 700

National Crime Agency  

Police – 999, 101 or online

Crimestoppers 0800 555 111


    • Do you have no understanding of the term ‘modern slavery’? Obviously not and it is no laughing matter for those who are victims of it. Given work under false pretences, deprived of their liberty, exploited and underpaid, treated badly and often unable to complain because their freedom is limited often due to limited mental capacity.

      KCC has specially-trained social workers whose area of responsibility is the victims of modern slavery.

    • real world.
      ‘ best laugh’?
      Happening all over the UK and is a serious problem. I’m pleased that the Police are trying to do something about it and so should you be!

  1. whats with all the ads getting crazy everywhere on the internet makes it difficult to read news these days, I know these pages have to be supported but there is a limit

  2. Modern slavery up, and boat crossings increase over last few years. Do the people who comment on here with their arms wide open to uncontrolled immigration see a pattern? Or burying their heads like they do when people lose their lives in the Channel?

    • Yes there must be a connection, but if you say anything truthful, you could end up in the dock! By the way, where do they get all those dinghies from? Presumably financed by George Sorrows (sic).

  3. This has been going on for many years all over Little Britain. Nothing new at all and getting worse. Not all victims come in by small boats but are children or young adults lost in our useless care system that looses track of them, in fact most are British children or young adults. I have been reading for years of this problem before the small boat “invasion” as some are so keen to tell us. The authorities try to sound great by catching a few of the lower level criminals involved but the real criminals are rarely caught. When the authorities take this really seriously we might end it but they are like boxers with one hand tied behind them with so little resources given to them, just playing catch up. Ending small boats will not stop this evil trade. Merry Christmas.!!!

    • I wasn’t suggesting it was a new thing, or they all come in small boats, or stopping the boats would end it.

      I take it you are happy for them to carry on coming then as not 1 single person on these boats would end up a victim of modern slavery? And it doesn’t matter if they drown either?

  4. The first case of ‘modern’ slsvery I read about in the 1980s, was when a Filipino girl, who was working for a bunch of Ay-rabs in Edgware Road, London, was so emaciated she managed to escape through the cat-flap! Sorry I can’t find the source.

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