A giant fisherman, fabulous lanterns and joyous drumming at Ramsgate’s winter parade

Ramsgate Winter Lantern Parade Photo Vicki Couchman

A giant fisherman, glowing jellyfish, boats, and the sound of drumming filled Ramsgate town yesterday evening (December 22) as the Winter Lantern Parade took place.

Arts in Ramsgate (AiR) worked with organisation Great British Carnival to produce the parade which had a Safe Harbour theme.

Photo Vicki Couchman

Scores of residents took part in lantern making workshops leading up to the event, creating fabulous boats, Christmas trees, stars and more to parade alongside a reproduction of the lantern on St Georges Church made by local artist Janis Gibbs, a large lantern of the lighthouse in the Harbour and the Ramsgate RNLI boat.

Music came from Ramsgate’s newest community drumming band Samba Ya Wantsum, led by Ramsgate resident and musician Emily Peasgood.

The parade left from the High Street, headed down Harbour Street, Harbour Parade and along Ramsgate Main Sands for  a Samba style Christmas Carol singalong.

Photo Elke Heckel

Teresa Askew, who was one of the organisers, said: “It was such a joy to produce  Safe Harbour,’ bringing so many groups and people together to make a magical parade. It was a really lovely event and we are so happy that people loved it as much as we do. “Working with Emily Peasgood to create Samba for Ya Wantsum is great fun and a great asset for all our future parades.”

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The event was supported by The Big Lottery Community Fund, Ramsgate Town Council and Thanet District Council.



    • I don’t do Christmas but I am not offended if anyone else does. Anyway, the church hijacked paganism in order to invent Christmas. Now it is greed and gluttony. I watched the winter parade and thought it exciting. I was in Boots collecting a prescription and knew nothing about it.

      • Christmas wasn’t “invented”. It’s a fact that Christ was born and lived about 2000 years ago. Christian’s celebrate his birth on an arbitrary date: but,,if it’s good enough for the King …
        Whatever you think about Christianity, we could all do with a bit of Peace on Earth, and Goodwill to Mankind.

  1. Well done Ramsgate arts centre especially Maxine. Wished I’d have known sooner would loved to have been involved. It was a well organised fabulous parade that showed we have a lot of talented artists young and old living in Ramsgate. It reminded me of the once only ‘night of the dead parade’ (skelly night),we should have more of these parades for all occasions. Well done to all involved including the drummers that topped it all off perfectly.
    Fabulous Darlings!!!

  2. Well done Tracey, to get the posts back on message!
    The Lantern Parade was a block-busting event full of winter compassion. I loved Emily’s drumming troop and the giant. The cardboard lantern tower was really impressive as was the lobster cycle.
    So many people, all ages, all different but all happy to participate and watch.
    Lovely coverage by Kathy Bales with lots of locals giving photos.
    This was Ramsgate at its best.

  3. I was curious about what went on at the art centre so went in on a Friday to have a closer look. I found it instantly welcoming whatever you wanted to do ,be it use the materials and do your own art or just go have a chat and cuppa.
    The Lantern Parade was about a month or so away so I started to make a lantern which broke the ice….I started going in on a wed to make lanterns and help others to make there’s. The next thing right out off the blue I was joining in and learning to drum and mite I add really enjoying it!
    The actual procession was a success …to be a part off it was wonderful.
    My advice to everyone in Ramsgate is check out the art centre next to the post office. I’m sure glad I did and I am looking forward to doing more there.
    Ramsgate at it’s finest for sure !

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