Plan to convert Wheatsheaf pub into three flats submitted to council

The Wheatsheaf in St Lawrence

An application to convert the Wheatsheaf pub in St Lawrence into three flats has been submitted to Thanet council.

The pub, which already has a 3-bedroom flat upstairs, has been shut for more than two years.

Earlier this year a proposal to convert the building into one flat, a 4-bed house of multiple occupation (HMO) and a 5 bed HMO was refused by Thanet council.

The High Street pub had previously been put up for sale but no buyer was found.

Applicant Estia Property Solutions Ltd wanted to convert the property to two Houses of Multiple Occupation and a one-bedroom flat. It has now lodged a new application for conversion to 3 self-contained flats.

In the previous application Estia said the Wheatsheaf: “was deemed unviable to continue as a public house for the minimum of the past two years and was put to sale since with no success of being purchased to the moment.

“The aim is to provide more accommodation in the area with professionals and key-workers as the target audience.”

Ten objections were received against the HMO application with concerns such as the pub only being marketed during the pandemic and overdevelopment.

In October emergency services were called to the property and had to shut the road due to debris falling from the building.

The Wheatsheaf pub dates back to at least 1828.


  1. illogical proposition. Where will the residents park their cars. St Lawrence parking area’s are already full with either residents or shoppers. Lets turn the land in front of the Church into parking spaces.

  2. That dump wasn’t the nicest of Ramsgate’s watering holes, nor was the (late ’70s – early 80’s) landlord.

    • Just spoken to a local who I work with and he lives across the rd , at no point has he been asked whether flats or pub , someone’s telling lies , more dodgey deals .

  3. yes = i think i can smell smoke already , the thanet trick and you never see a prosecution ? second thoughts though it is a bit nearer to the fire station than the last twenty or so.

  4. It has no future as a pub, you can pretty well see two others from its front door , so if the building is to be saved. It has has little other use than as residential . With its proximity to shops and the town an hmo offers the best likely residential option, flats in that position are hardly going to be popular, though will undoubtedly be filled given the lack of avaialble rented property at present.

    • Agreed – it is sadly not viable as a pub – there is no use people moaning about it now – too late !

      Thousands of people in Thanet are seeking somewhere to live, so turning the building over to fully residential is the only option. Alternatively, stop breeding and stop welcoming people into the country . . .

  5. It’s not fit to be a residential block. There’s no parking and it’s on a tight bend so parking can’t be made. It’s not great as a pub either as nearby to it you have the Australian Arms, the Flying Horse and the St. Lawrence Tavern. It doesn’t really have a suitable use in today’s society.

  6. Built as a pub should stay as a pub just needs a revamp and the right people to run it , otherwise, it’s more homes for greedy landlords,

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