BBC werewolf comedy being filmed in Cliftonville

Filming at Super Pizza Photo Frank Leppard

Cast and crew have been in Cliftonville filming for a new BBC short set in a fictional British seaside town.

The short film, working title One Night in… is being produced by John Pocock whose other works include The Kumars, Sick of It and Horrible Science.

Photo Frank Leppard

Most of the filming action has taken place at the Cliftonville Lido and Super Pizza in Northdown Road.

John said: “It’s a comedy about two female werewolves who become empowered after being wolf whistled too many times..”

The three day shoot wraps tonight (December21).


  1. More box ticking, right on BBC tosh. But of course with Cliftonville being one of the top ten hottest places in the world, why wouldn’t they film here?

  2. Do wolf whistles still happen? While I’m past attracting that kind of attention, I can’t remember hearing anyone whistling at anyone for yonks. I really do not endorse harassment but the occasional whistle never struck me as falling into that category.

    • I never did it (as I’m cr*p at whistling), but I can imagine that building workers still do. I even received the occasional wolf whistle myself back in my much younger and far more handsome days – from women that is!

    • Had it done to me once-just outside the blind girls school. Actually it was by the old clothing factory near the ITec where there were a gaggle of women.

  3. Outside the blind girls’ school … that made me laugh till you clarified Steve, because my Mum once tried to pair me up with a blind fellow. Nothing wrong with him except he wasn’t my type. Only years later did I realise how insulting her intentions may have been …

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