The Royal pub in Ramsgate ceases Saturday night trading ‘with immediate effect’

The Royal in Ramsgate

The Royal on Ramsgate’s Harbour Parade will not open on Saturday nights with immediate effect, it has been announced today.

It means events advertised for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are cancelled.

A message posted on The Royal’s social media page says: “It is with great regret that we have made a tough decision to cease trading on Saturday nights with immediate effect.

“We will not be open on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve as previously advertised. We are still trading daily from 10am-7pm until further notice.”

The pub has been part of the Thorley Taverns stable for many years but has been going through the process of being sold.

Plans for the site were lodged with Thanet council back in June.

Applicant Jamie Copland wants to demolish part of the existing building and erect a five-storey side extension with recessed balconies, single storey roof extension and roof terrace. He also wants to add a new three-storey building to rear to provide 8 apartments  and rearrange two existing apartments and reduce the scale of the current commercial unit housing The Royal pub.

A decision on the application has not yet been made.

In October Thorley Taverns director Phil Thorley told The Isle of Thanet News that the company is focusing on investment on its existing estate.

He added: “The late night (economy) in Ramsgate, and everywhere, has changed. We have been looking at that change and a change of direction and are investing in our existing estate, spending lots of money inside and outside on different venues.”


  1. Reep what you sow …. Another developer takes over the sea front ! ….. wants to make a fast buck with flats ! … yet another building that will stay empty ! Same as the oak hotel , the old port and anchor , the old harbour gallery building !…. All empty !
    Let’s not even talk about the royal sands development on the seafront that’s ground to a holt as no one is buying any of them and definitely no one wants the commercial property below it !!
    Ramsgate sadly will be another Margate, with nothing to offer anyone 😳😳😳😳

      • Sadly not ….. the last phase has ground to a holt . The building has not been even weather protected over the last 6 months … maybe you should was past it a little more . Sadly what’s happened is the first phase that were purchased are now coming back in the market , thus bringing the bringing the price for the new flats out of reach ….. As for the hotel ? …. Absolutely no up take by any hotel chain to build one ….

      • Phases 1,2+3 all sold off plan. Phase 4 (final phase) iirc is 60% sold-off plan already.

        Nearly purchased one in the first phase, something better came up !

    • The Port and Anchor is still being refurbished as will the Oak hotel likewise the Harbour Gallery. As for the Royal Sands it either all sold or almost. The next stage is the hotel.
      If you had mentioned The Foy Boat then I would agree as the flats have been on the market for a long time and none have sold!

    • you are forgetting one big huge point. The yuppy loves from London should be flocking down. and Im sure both the local council and Kent will be falling over them selves to ensure the illegals get priority housing, hell we cant let these criminals suffer, can we ??

  2. Regretfully and possibly the minority have forced this decision on Phil Thorley. However, the Thorley family must accept some of the responsibility for the rowdy and lack of customers and from the outset for wanting what they considered a popular venue for the younger generation whom had a large spending power.

  3. Never understood why Thorleys – an otherwise decent local business – had this ‘get pissed here cheaper than anywhere else in town’ venue in their portfolio at all.

  4. Nothing to do with the Wetherspoons effect, of course!
    For myself, I went in there once and as it was full of ‘kids’, I left.
    Perhaps drinking patterns are changing, I much prefer a mixed clientele myself.
    I find Thorley’s pub estate generally a good experience, but not this one.

  5. Ramsgate seafront area is improving, plenty of private cash being invested.

    THe royal pub will eventually close, shame the dilapidated Fosters sign, high up on the front wall is also history. or will tdc planning insist it stays.
    More pubs will have a change of use,new year wholesale drink prices going up around 15% our government has delayed their duty increase till the summer.

  6. I’m guessing as it’s Xmas eve and New years eve from 7pm it’s a issue with hiring Door security, those two nights will be expensive and difficult to cover !

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