Police officers remember Margate’s PC Jon Odell on 22nd anniversary of his death

PC Jon Odell (photo Kent Police Federation) and the memorial stone (Photo Little Stour Orchard)

Kent Police officers have today (December 19) remembered Thanet PC Jon Odell who was killed in Margate 22 years ago.

PC Odell was in Shottendane Road at a static traffic point when a speeding driver hit and killed him on December 19, 2000.

The 30-year-old, who had lived in Margate with his partner and her son, had pointed a radar gun at a Vauxhall Astra when the driver hit him.

He suffered head injuries and broken legs and arms and died in hospital four hours later from internal bleeding.

Wayne Rule pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was sentenced to nine years in prison. He was released in May 2006.


A permanent marble memorial to PC Odell’s memory was put at the site of the crash in 2002 by the Police Memorial Trust.

Each year the newest officer in Kent Police service and based at Margate lays a wreath on the anniversary of PC Odell’s death.

Read more at the Police Memorial Trust at https://thepolicememorialtrust.org/pc-jon-odell/


  1. RIP Jon.
    I had a cup of tea with him the week before.

    How one is allowed to walk in 6 years for taking a life is behond me.

    • RIP a man just doing his duty and trying to protect the community.

      Paul I agree with your comment regarding sentencing. The sentence certainly didn’t deter the individual he continued to offend after release from prison in his new location in Lincolnshire.

      • Yes all he was doing was his duty, its a long time ago but I think Ian was on duty that evening next to Jon and all he did was put his hand up for driver to stop.

    • Totally agree. The sentence was egregiously lenient and a shocking indictment of how often the law betrays the victims of crime and allows the scum of society to swagger their way through life, secure in the knowledge that they have a better than evens chance of getting away with their noxious attitude.

    • Why released after 6 years? Because he didn’t kill anyone during that time? A real shame! If one has to pay a pound to the authorities they won’t settle for 66p, will they?

  2. Why was he released early. 9yrs he got sent down for and that is what he should have at least served.
    RIP, prayers,love and peace for the family and friends PC Jon Odell. Always in our minds and hearts xxxx

  3. The poor officer is dead forever and the individual who killed him was released in 2006 it does not seem fair and the sentence of nine years seems excessively lenient particularly when considering that an officer on duty was killed

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