Upton pupils explore climate change

Learning about the environment at Upton

Children at Upton Junior School in Broadstairs have been finding out more about the importance of protecting the environment

As part of the Year 6 topic The Changing World, pupils welcomed guest visitor Olly from climate change solutions specialists Ecologi that focuses on tree planting and reforestation.

They heard how to date his company has planted 50,000,000 trees and helped reduce 2 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide through their work. He has worked with King Charles on the international COP26 event, helped create nearly 100 jobs and focused on making the world a better place.

The guest told how he had planted a tree for every single child in Year 6 during the course of his work. The children found the session inspiring and engaging especially as they heard first-hand how changes are being made to protect the environment.

The visit linked to pupils’ learning on how the world around us is changing, and it also tied in with their English text Floodland, a gripping award-winning fantasy novel by Marcus Sedgwick about a girl surviving in a devastated world where England is flooded by water.

As part of the geography links to the topic the children created globe balloons to showcase the continents, seas, equator and lines of longitude and latitude. They also researched the controversy surrounding global warming and Charles Darwin theories.

Another aspect of their global-themed learning saw them enjoy taking part in an international food day where they tasted treats from around the world. They also created tasty meals such as bean burgers, using kitchen facilities at the Royal Harbour Academy in Ramsgate, and welcomed parents in to try out their food.

Head of School Darci Arthur said: “Climate change, conservation and the environment are key aspects of our overall learning at Upton – the broad-balanced topic that Year 6 are enjoying gives them further chance to explore and understand more about these important themes.”


      • No.
        What explains Climate Change, in a nutshell, are three simple and undeniable facts.
        1) Fossil fuels (coal, petrol, diesel, aviation spirit, gas) are mostly made up of two elements: HHydrogen (H) and Carbon (C). (They’re often referred to as Hydrocarbons). When these fuels burn in air, they combine with Oxygen to form water vapour (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2)
        2) Both these are “greenhouse” gasses: ie they trap incoming heat from the sun, warming the air. Water vapour is no problem: it turns to rain in a few days and facilitates out. The carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere for tens of thousands of years.
        3( Since the Industrial Revolution, humankind have burned and continue to burn vast amounts of hydrocarbons

        Ergo: Climate change is forced by human activity.

  1. It’s a very sad day really when Year 6 pupils from a local school understand the issues more than adults on here. Just do some basic research online on reputable scientific sites. That’s all I ask you. NASA is a good start. If you still don’t think climate change is being caused by human activity after that, well, there’s no hope for you really.

    What next ? Some nutters think the earth is flat. Do we teach kids “both sides” of the debate during Geography and let them make their own minds up whether it is flat or not ? Do we teach them that Elvis “might have died” during music lessons or he might be living on the Moon ?

    Seriously, listen to yourselves. What terrifies me more is that you are actually allowed to walk amongst us and do things like vote in elections.

    • “do things like vote in elections.”
      That worries me, too.
      For example, before people could vote “for” or “against” Brexit, they ought at least have been able to understand the arguments on both sides, beyond “Sovereignty”, “Borders” and “Great”

    • If only they really taught about Elvis in schools (even on University Challenge they often lack basic knowledge on Pop music!). Far more worthwhile than frightening small children into believing that the world will probably become uninhabitable during their lifetime and they’ll die a horrible early death.

  2. Andrew, my original question about asking if it’s your opinion or if you get your views from the media was directed to Thanetian Blind.

    I asked you in a separate question if you could recommend a book as you seemed to have done some research on it judging by your posts in previous articles. I don’t think you form you opinion from media. But then send a link from the UN website!

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