Thanet and Deal band The SuperMicks showcasing Ramsgate in debut single Home Town

The SuperMicks: Jude, Curtis, Greg and Wayne

A brilliant debut single with video filmed in Ramsgate is proving a hit for Thanet band The SuperMicks.

Home Town was released this month by the band, singer and lead guitarist Wayne Jones, singer and guitarist  Jude Green, bass guitarist Greg Edwards – all from Ramsgate – and drummer Curtis Foord from Deal.

The lads, assisted by roadie Richard Thomas and sound engineer Daniel Thomas,  have been together as a four-piece for around nine months although Wayne,39, and 42-year-old dad-of-two Jude have been music partners for many years.

The SuperMicks, are unsigned -for now – and all their songs are written and recorded from scratch by themselves.

Home Town is an Indie/bluesy rock track and the video features places including the Honeysuckle Inn, Fury’s Bar, the train station and the Winterstoke.

Dad-of-three Wayne, who is an assistant process operator with Southern Water, said: “Myself and Jude have been playing music together for a long tome but there was a big gap of 13 years before life takes control with kids, marriages, houses.

“But a year or so into covid I said to Jude we needed to be out playing again.

“We were ready as a duo with an acoustic set up but then Greg watched us play at the Honeysuckle – Jude knew him from school – and he is a bass player so we roped him in.

“Curtis came to see us in Fury’s, he is the nephew of my dad’s boss, and we needed a drummer and he got involved straight away.”

Filming for the video proved a bit of a challenge.

Wayne said: “It was the worst weekend weather you could imagine but it was the only day all of us could get together so we just had to go with it.

“The response has been wicked, people responding to Home Town has been really nice.”

Dad-of-two residential services boss Greg, 42, and immigration officer Curtis, 30, say the success of Home Town is due to it being “catchy” and a “pick you up.”

The lads are now planning for a New Year’s Eve gig at Fury’s Bar in Ramsgate’s Boundary Road before a busy three months at the start of next year recording two new singles and a four or five track EP.

Hometown is available on ITunes, Spotify and Amazon Music

Meet the band and the essential roadie and sound technician

Lead Guitarist/Singer Wayne Jones, 39, Assistant Process Operator at Southern Water Married with three daughters. “Home Town captures everyone, in the way that everything you want and need and love you can usually find in your own Home Town.”

Rhythm Guitarist/Singer Jude Green, 42, Builder, married with two sons. “Home Town is for everyone near and far! “

Bass Guitarist  Greg Edwards, 42, Head of Residential Services and consultancy. Married with a son and daughter. “Home Town – catchy as funk!”

Drummer Curtis Foord, 30, Immigration Officer. Has a partner. “Home Town is great because it’s catchy and it picks you up, what more do you want from a tune?”

Sound tech Daniel Thomas, 32, Cyber Security Engineer Single. “Home Town symbolises your local area, something we tried to capture in the video.”

Roadie Richard Thomas, 39, Mobile Crane Operator. Single dad-of-two. “Home Town is so popular because why not!”

The SuperMicks






  1. The SuperMicks, are unsigned -for now – and all their songs are written and recorded from scratch by themselves.

    Micks, they will do well et all….

  2. I’ve known Wayne all his life. From a really young age he has been into music, writing, producing and performing. The music these guys produce is simply phenomenal. They’re great to watch live. SuperMicks, “Home town” you can’t ask for a more uplifting song…

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