Thanet residents urged to check eligibility for Sustainable Warmth grant


People across Thanet are being encouraged to check if they are eligible for the Sustainable Warmth grant, a new scheme aimed at helping residents keep their home warm, save money on their fuel bills and lower their carbon emissions.

Under the scheme, people who live in a cold, energy inefficient home may be entitled to apply for home improvements free of charge if they have:

  • a low energy rating (an Energy Performance Certificate rating of D, E, F or G); and
  • a net household income of below £30,000 per year.

The scheme may offer households a range of insulation measures and renewable heating technologies such as:

  • Insulation and ventilation (to keep the home comfortable in both the winter and summer and help cut energy bills)
  • An upgrade to a low carbon heating system (to cut carbon emissions, so the new heating system to be installed cannot include a gas or oil boiler)
  • Heating controls (that help save money because heats is only used when needed)
  • Energy efficient hot water solution (keeping water warm for longer and saving money)
  • Solar thermal (for hot water)
  • Solar PV (to generate free electricity)
  • Energy efficiency lighting (to make it cheaper to run)

How it works

The Sustainable Warmth scheme is open to homeowners and tenants in privately rented accommodation. Upgrades will be delivered by E.ON and all applications must be made by December 2023.

E.ON will guide customers through the application, helping them understand and establish their eligibility for the scheme. If eligible, the installer will identify which improvements for the home will provide the greatest benefits and arrange any necessary surveys and installations.

If you don’t know the energy performance rating of your property, you can contact the scheme for more information or view energy performance certificates on the government’s website:

Visit for more information and to complete the online application form. Alternatively, you can call E.ON on 0333 202 4859.

Private landlords can apply for eligible properties that they own and will be required to make a contribution towards the total cost of any installations of around one third.

Cllr Jill Bayford, Cabinet Member for Housing at Thanet District Council, said: “The Sustainable Warmth Grant offers funding for vital home improvements which could benefit many Thanet households who are on a low income and who find it hard to heat their home.

“At a time when energy costs are increasing so dramatically, these measures could help families to stay warm, reduce their bills, and decrease their home’s impact on the environment.

“I would encourage all of our local residents to check to see if they are eligible to receive help from the Sustainable Warmth scheme.”

For more information on how to reduce  energy usage at home or if you struggle to pay your energy bills please email [email protected].

How to apply

Use the online portal   and click on confirm my eligibility
By email:
Call the E.ON dedicated call centre: 0333 202 4859

£40million project to make Thanet council homes energy efficient and cut carbon footprint

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  1. Sustainable grant. What you mean is spend thousands to get peanuts. It asks you to spend money.. Besides isnt against the law now to live below D rating

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