Sixteen community recycling bins being installed at sites across Thanet

New recycling bins being installed at sites across Thanet (Image TDC)

Thanet council is installing 16 new recycling bins at town centre locations across the district.

The recycling points will be within walking distance of properties where there is currently no doorstep recycling collection. The aim is to provide additional opportunities for as many local households as possible to recycle their waste.

Residents will be able to recycle clean glass and metal containers, and the bins can be emptied on a daily basis to ensure maximum capacity.

The following locations have been identified for the recycling bins:


  • Leopold Street
  • King Street
  • Elms Avenue


  • Northdown Road / Zion Place junction
  • High Street, next to Boots
  • Canterbury Road, by the Nayland Rock Shelter


  • Station Road, outside the railway station


  • The Square
  • Station Road, outside the Co-operative


  • Pierremont Park
  • Lawn Road, junction with High Street
  • Victoria Gardens
  • Harbour Street, near to the public toilets

Thanet council says: “We know that clean streets are incredibly important to our residents, and we are committed to improving levels of cleanliness throughout the district. So far in 2022, we have installed a significant number of additional recycling bins across Thanet, including:

  • 12 360 litre recycling bins at coastal locations (supported by Thanet Rotary)
  • 20 ‘Jubilee’ recycling bins within town centres and areas of high footfall

“In addition, a 360 litre recycling bin is due to be installed in the Cavendish Road car park in Ramsgate.”


    • Have you seen the state of some of the properties in Arklow Square. There’s one on the corner practically falling down and a complete eyesore. The bin looks much better than that house.

    • I suspect you may be correct. They are bound to be abused by some of Thanet’s inhabitants.

      The bin in the picture is located at Margate’s Piazza – and will be welcomed by adjacent businesses to dispose of their commercial waste free of charge . . .

    • YEs, its an invitation for even more flytipping. See so much flytipping around tdc public rubbish bins.
      The flytipping is removed early morning by the tdc caged vehicle and crew, i imagine tdc keep detailed records of the flytipped goods to pursue a penalty payment, keep the area safe, reduce encouragement to fly tip and more.
      often building waste,household general waste,unwanted goods furniture etc.

      Need cctv at the problem public bin flytipping hotspots, issue some penalty charges and the flytipping will decrease.

  1. Or the repeated mess at the existing bins in Birchington car parks and the failure of TDC to act against those responsible.

    • You mean act against themselves? At least there is kind of an enclosure there, other places cardboard is all over the place.

  2. Great to see that the council is taking steps to encourage recycling.
    It would be great if they really did empty them daily.

  3. Would be nice to have some electronics recycling locally other than the tip, considering how hard it is to get in there now & for those without transport.

  4. When I retired I spent 8 winters in Spain, mainly because its is dry, and flat so I could cycle most anywhere I choose. There were usually these bins on every street corner that were emptied daily. My road could use one, as its a cut through to get to the beach, schools, and shops, and looks like a 3rd world tip most days!

  5. With the bins, will this help (lol) with the disposable nappies, wine bottles, beer cans and dirty sanitary pads thrown around the various roads and squares in Cliftonville?? I wish the council could force those responsible to have to go and clean up this hazardous mess.

    • Not all of it Superchip, much is anti-social behaviour! There is a small ally where I live, and its used mostly by school children, dog walkers, and pedestrians on their way to the beach, or shops! Some idiot frequently smashes a bottle into the ally, which could cause an injury to dogs paws! It could also cause a puncture to some Mobility Scooters!

  6. There is far to much packaging today . I remember as a kid back in the sixty. Me and my brother would Carry the metal dustbin to the front of the house to be emptied. Today people’s houses consist of 3 bins +. I worked in bexley the women had 6 bins . How much cardboard does amazon get through in a year.

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