Chilton pupils create healthy treat and marketing campaign

Chilton pupils cooking fun

Children at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate have created their own  healthy and delicious treats.

After learning about how to keep the body healthy and working effectively as part of their topic, the Year 6 team next researched existing healthy snacks as well as their packaging.

They also discussed why companies have a legal requirement to list the snack’s ingredients and nutritional values, and the importance of giving the consumer the right information so they can make a considered purchase.

Next came the challenge for them to create their own campaign for a healthy flapjack that would be nutritious and appealing to eat.

They began by designing and making their own posters and leaflets about their culinary creation.

Then they set about baking their flapjacks with a choice of apricots, bananas, blueberries, pumpkin seeds, cranberries or raisins for flavour.

Finally they created their own informative packaging to give potential customers the best possible information about the treat.

Deputy Head of School Hannah Cheshire said: “The children did brilliantly in this challenge which was all about showing the importance of keeping healthy.

“Parents and staff were invited to try out the children’s healthy snacks and could vote on the campaign that stood out most for them.  With a score of 16 votes, Amiee’s flapjack was the winner.”

Head of School Kate Law added: “This creative learning task was both exciting and challenging for our Year 6 pupils. They showed a lot of different skills in the process and the end result were some very tasty flapjacks, which were tested and tasted with great enthusiasm.”