Library trip for Upton reading ambassadors

Library outing for Upton pupils

Upton Junior School children have explored their love of reading at Broadstairs town library.

The school’s ‘reading ambassadors’ – 32 children from Years 3-6 – spent the afternoon finding out what makes the busy community library tick.

They met some of the people who work at the library and enjoyed an informative talk about how the service is run, what it offers and the importance it has within the local community.

They also had a tour of the library and an opportunity to look at the different types of books on offer including historical books about the area.

Then ambassadors were able to look at the different books available to them and read either by themselves or in pairs and groups. One of the pupils, Isabella, from Year 5, said, “We were absorbed in the books for such a long time, and it was so much fun – I love being a reading ambassador.”

They were accompanied by Assistant Head of School Gemma Scarr who said: “It was such a wonderful trip and a pleasure to be with the children as we all spent time being immersed in books.

“The children signed up for library cards or, if they already had one, were showing others how to take books out.

“The local library is such a fantastic resource in the community and a special place for all to get lost in a book. We cannot thank the team at Broadstairs Library enough for their time and enthusiasm.”