Fundraiser launched for tree planting project in Cliftonville

The aim is to to plant 14 trees along Princess Margaret Avenue.

Thanet estate agent Miles and Barr has donated £250 towards a £2250 fundraising target to plant 14 trees along Princess Margaret Avenue.

Resident Barry Manners, who also runs the Friends of Botany Bay beach clean group, spoke with people living in the area about tree planting in Princess Margaret Avenue and found overwhelming support for re-greening the verges.

There followed a meeting with the Kent County Council Tree Officer at the site – together with  Cliftonville East ward councillors. At the meeting, KCC agreed to initiate a site survey together with a ground scan. Only KCC is authorised to plant and it operates within strict guidelines to comply with traffic regulations and avoid disturbing underground utility pipes. The survey and scan have now taken place.

KCC has now confirmed the trees can be planted next year, subject to funding. Normally 100% of the cost would be borne by residents but afterward councillors  lobbied KCC (it has agreed to match fund half the cost.

The fund needs to raise £2250 of the £4500 total cost of 14 trees so the planting can go ahead in Autumn 2023. The cost includes planting, cages, stakes and on-going care. Residents are able to contribute via the donation page at


  1. Plant more trees plant more trees plant more tress save the world.
    Oh by the way we don’t have money to buy the trees?????

    • Surely the residents of Princess Margaret Avenue could cough up the remaining £2,000 between them ?

      It is their road and immediate environment that will benefit directly from the trees outside their properties.

    • Indeed, off the price of just one house sale! £250 is an insulting amount, just pay the lot Miles & Barr or are you saving your money for yet more donations to the Tory party.

  2. £320 a tree? Is it really that expensive to plant one? Are we really getting value from our councils. Love the tree idea. Can I buy one and plant it rather than go through this fund raiser?

    • The idea of buying these immature whips was looked at and proposed to KCC. It’s not practical.

      Only KCC can plant trees on the roadside verges. There are high voltage cables, gas pipes and internet cables to avoid. They use more grown on 6/7 foot high trees, double staked, caged and with a watering pipe. The cost includes ground scan and ongoing watering over three years.

  3. Times must be hard. Miles and Barr Westgate Branch is closed although pretty pictures are displayed of properties for sale. Are they saying that property sales have declined so much or they cannot afford to keep 3 persons employed or be self employed. I feel sorry (not) for the directors Higher rents at Discovery Park and now the business rate relief must be taking its toll. 🙁

  4. If it costs £300+ to plant 1 tree, how about developers should pay that amount for each tree the destroy when land clearing for buildings? The money could then be ringfenced to continue planting..a sustainable plan!

  5. How much to keep the trees alive? Who will water them? In the drought summers we are to expect…..watering every day? Horrible to see young trees planted only to wither and die…..

  6. We encourage tree planting BUT
    Ward Tory x 3 Councillors. KCC Councillor Tory. Kent County Council Tory run, A known Tory donor. Next Local Election in less than 6 months May 2023?
    Many trees in surrounding roads removed for A variety reasons NONE replaced, reason NO MONEY We rest our case

  7. More trees for dogs to poop around, some dog walkers thinks its allowed for a dog or themselves to do a #1 or #2

    Sorry my charity contributions will not include extra dog pooping sites

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