Police appeal for witnesses to M2 collision which resulted in death of Broadstairs woman

Image Kent Police

Officers investigating a fatal collision on the M2 which resulted in the death of Broadstairs resident Heidie Lee Locke are appealing for witnesses to come forward, particularly the driver of a light coloured van who officers believe may have important information.

At around 6.14am on Sunday 27 November a red Nissan Qashqai was involved in a collision with a red Mercedes-Benz C 200 AMG between junction six and five on the London-bound carriageway.

Kent Police and South East Coast Ambulance Service attended the scene.

Heidie, who was the driver of the Nissan Qashqai, was pronounced deceased at the scene. The flight attendant of 35 years was reportedly on her way to Heathrow.

Friends paying tribute online have spoken of Heidie’s love of photography, music and art.

Heidie sadly lost her life in the collision (photo facebook)

One friend described: “Someone who has touched everyone she has ever met, with her infectious smile, witty banter and zest for life.”

A 40-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and drink driving.

Heidie’s next of kin has been informed about the incident.

Officers from Kent Police’s Serious Collision Investigation Unit (SCIU) would like to hear from anyone who saw what happened, or who has relevant dashcam or CCTV footage.

They are keen to talk to the driver of a light-coloured van who may have seen the Mercedes pass them prior to the collision. They believe the motorist may have important information which can assist their investigation.

Drivers should call the SCIU appeal line on 01622 798538, or email [email protected], quoting reference AH/SC/131/22.

Drivers with dashcam footage which may assist the investigation can submit it here.


  1. A needless loss , driving under the influence currently suspected, we get endless wittering about excess speed but in the case of serious accidents all too often drink/drugs are a factor , really is time that drink/drug driving had far harsher penalties and anyone caught breaching a driving ban is imprisoned. ( around 180 people a year are killed by disqualified drivers)

    • LC was thinking that to punishment is not enough for the crime committed, my thoughts go out to the family friends and work colleagues of Heidie a life taken by a person who is arrested on suspicion of dangerous and drunk driving its so sad and such a waste of life, we all know that it doesn’t matter how good a driver you are if you happen across one that should not be behind the wheel of a car you just never know what they will do, RIP Heidie

      • Law is messed up-watched 24 Hours In Police Custody last night, a couple of serial thieves broke into a guys house to steal his motorbike, on a motorbike they had stolen.

        The guy foolishly chased after them in his car & caused a horrendous crash that injured them both badly, they later got nicked together in another stolen car-even though one of them was still on crutches.

        They ended up getting suspended sentences as their injuries would be ‘too hard for them in jail’ while the man & his partner ended up terminating her pregnancy as they had no idea whether the CPS were going to charge him or not & couldn’t get an answer & she couldn’t cope financially with him in prison-especially after all the legal fees. Eventually he was charged & sentenced to 22 months in prison.

        They also ended up selling up-in large part of fear of what these two lowlives or their scumbag pals might do in revenge. Pretty obvious who the law protects.

        • Steve,
          I also watched that same programme and finished up very angry at how the courts treated the people involved.
          Those two scum bags got away very lightly, career criminals that they are. In the meantime that poor family have had their whole lives totally ruined and also resulted in an unborn baby losing its start in life. Yes, the guy over -reacted quite badly, but would any of us done anything differently? No, I doubt it very much.
          As I said, I came away quite angry that yet again the criminals came off the best, thanks to the courts ,where police have to follow the law but the sentences imposed don’t reflect the reality.

        • I saw that programme too. It’s illegal to carry a pillion without a helmet, but the police didn’t charge the rider for this offence, which ended up with his passenger getting a skull fracture.

        • Steve this 24 hours programme series is excellent it gives good insights to both cps and criminals and what police have to do before they can actually charge a suspect with a crime, and then the court sometimes the judge is limited to the laws on sentence they can give even if the evidence says it is worth a bigger one.

  2. Isn’t it about time we had a police presence back on the motorways? If there were more marked police cars doing spot checks there would be fewer drivers undertaking, tailgating and cutting up other vehicles. If they could ban all the dangerous drivers then our roads would be clear again.

    • Ian we should be like the Cheshire/Nottingham /Liverpool and the area they over M6 plus motorways and other roads police there has mainly unmarked cars travelling the roads very effectively, Monday nights 8pm Channel 5 worth a watch.

  3. spot on ian , driving on the m2 is like being on a banger racing track . most people drive in the overtaking lane from end to end of the motorway

    • And I was one until I gave up driving.
      I hate the m2 as is only a 2 lane.
      An inside lane I find one will always come across a driver who is quite happy sitting at 30 or 40 mph, to get past the middle lane ok, check its clear , go for it, something right up my back flashing its lights , it was no way in site when i pulled out.
      Scary lorries on inside they sit up my back within inches , if my car failed i would be squashed , a friend of mine did.
      Ok lets give the middle lane a go , somewhere on the journey a driver will just pull out , did they not look.
      Ive had a few near missis in that lane one being a lorry just pulled out , i don’t think he saw me , I hit my breaks and headed for where it pulled out from , by the time i had slowed up I was upside the driver, next to him. I was still shaking when i got home on that one.
      Outside lane speed 80 mph, I am 100% alert at that speed , rear mirror to check , pull in when something is up my back, still 2 lanes to watch , yeah its clear but will something pull out from the inside , have to take a chance on that.

      My heart goes out to the family and all affected by this young ladies death when she was only on her way to work, she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and it says drink or drugs maybe.

      These are not the speeds to drive on local roads , i think they all should be 20 mph.

      As for drugs or drinking i think it should be a life ban, only one chance and you blew it, instead of a year or five year ban , they will be back behind the wheel at a later date.

  4. If you cause a death while driving under the influence of either drink or drugs, ( you know if you have so there is no excuse) it should be classified as murder, and the sentences should relate to that.

    • Agree but think Murder comes under “Intention” to kill as the law stands , so did the driver go and drive with the intention to kill I think not.

  5. What I don’t understand is that if I kill someone whilst driving, the most serious offence I can be charged with is “causing death by dangerous driving”. This has a much lower maximum punishment than manslaughter, which, in the most serious cases, Carrie’s a life penalty.
    What’s so special about motorists that they should be treated less severely than anyone else?

    • In the first what a terrible loss of life. You correct Andrew that the maximum sentence a judge can pass for
      manslaughter is life imprisonment. Turning to Causing death by dangerous driving offences committed prior to 28th June 2022 carried a maximum sentence of 14 years imprisonment Offences committed on or after 28th June 2022 the maximum sentence is now life imprisonment. So with effect from late June of this year whether it be manslaughter or causing death by dangerous driving carries the same maximum tariff.

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