Police appeal for witnesses to crash in Highfield Road

Image Kent Police
Kent Police officers are appealing for witnesses to a collision involving a car and a motorbike in Ramsgate earlier this month.

Police were called to Highfield Road near the junction with Newington Road at around 7.55am on Monday 14 November.

The motorcyclist suffered a serious leg injury and he was taken to hospital.

Officers are investigating the collision and appealing for witnesses or anyone with either private CCTV or dashcam footage taken in the area to come forward.

Witnesses should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 14-0181.


  1. There must be something in the air – i see unsafe actions on the road every day now. Its better to get there a few minutes later than be in an accident.

  2. Too many people are not allowing enough time in the mornings and are driving with their vehicle windows still misty or steamd-up.

  3. Most just dont care for others.
    Watched one tonight driving with no lights on at 9pm!

    Surely that should be an automatic action as soon as you start your car?!.

    Daily you see bikes overtaking cars on town roads and speeding but apparently they call it “filtering” …. bollocks it’s called thinking you’ve got more rights than other road users.

    Laws need to be tougher on road users and if reoffending then no licence at all forever!

    Them saving seconds will cost some innocent people their life but they think it’s ok!

    • There are three types-the majority do not want to hurt anybody. Then you have the next level which could care less about anybody, but don’t want to end up in jail or losing their licence & so behave like the majority not for our benefit, but purely for selfish reasons-but the result is the same. T

      Then you have the dangerous minority who have no regard for the safety of anybody-including themselves. I just treat all road users as if they are this last group & motorists should treat all pedestrians like the idiots who don’t look both ways, run out in the road, cross the road while reading their phone or a newspaper etc & that way you would cut these things exponentially.

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