Thanet planting plans to mark National Tree Week

Sunken Garden Westbrook Photo Carl Hudson

National Tree Week kicks off today (November 26) and runs until December 4.

The Tree Council has celebrated National Tree Week since 1973 and each year the country’s conservation sector, volunteer groups and tree-lovers come together to plant thousands of trees to mark the start of the annual tree planting season.

Joining the tree celebrations, the volunteers at Westbrook’s Sunken Garden have a Scots Pine to plant during their task day along with a Myrtle planted as part of The Queen’s Green Canopy.

With the help of Kent County Council, pupils at Draper’s Mill School will have the opportunity to do some tree planting towards the end of National Tree Week.

Westgate Town Council is also digging in by planting a tree to commemorate Queen Elizabeth. The planting takes place at 10am on Saturday, December 3rd at Westgate Rec on Lymington Road.

Peter Hasted

Twenty-five trees have also been planted at Warre Rec in Ramsgate.

Peter Hasted, from Thanet Urban Forest, said: “One of the biggest challenges when it comes to planting trees is finding suitable sites that can accommodate them.

“With so much competition between agricultural and housing, there a limited amount of space left in urban Thanet for trees that do not conflict with urban infrastructure, adding to the challenges of organising community tree plantings.

“Some 70% of the urban forest is privately owned so it really is down to all of us to protect and enrich it. There are many ways to do this, we can plant for pollinators, create more habitat, install green roofs, and of course plant trees.

“If you are considering planting a tree in your garden then choosing the right plant for the right place really is well worth researching, I can’t imagine anyone would particularly want to be chopping their tree down in 20 years’ time because it’s getting too big, invasive or structurally compromising.”

Local tree wardens are available via Kent Tree and Pond Wardens at [email protected] to offer guidance on selecting and planting and caring for your own tree.

Thanet Urban Forest would like to hear about your tree plantings and welcome everyone to share their planting stories images or clips on their Facebook page.


  1. How about stop cutting trees down in thanet ,some weeks ago TDC had a tree cut down on the corner of Crow Hill Road and Balmoral Road Garlinge, l have checked the tree trunk and the tree was fine ,so not sure why it was cut down, probably someone said it was blocking light to their home shame on you.

    • Yes, have lived in the Cliftonville Avenues ,50 years and so sad to see these once wonderful tree lined Avenues losing the trees and none being replaced in their spot…Please plant more especially in Gloucester Avenue !!!!

  2. The council’s letting property developers cut down 50 +year old trees and simply think re planting a new tres which will be vandalised or stolen save our trees not cut them down ,but great support from local people at least there trying to replace the council’s mistakes

  3. I never thought I would hear myself saying this, but all the trees along Margate Road, from Ramsgate need to be cut down! Normally I would prefer to see a church fall down than a tree, but tree roots from mature trees have just about made the pavements impassable! Its an obstacle course if you use a mobility scooter, or presumably for young mums pushing a pram!

    I had to give up cycling last May after 26 years, due to mobility problems, and fat cars, so bought a mobility scooter. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the state of the pavements could be worse than the roads in Thanet! My guess is most 3rd world countries would be ashamed to have such dangerous pavements, so come on KCC cut down the trees and resurface the pavemsnts!

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