Ramsgate Wetherspoon shuts upper floor to deal with mouse issue

Royal Victoria Pavilion

Ramsgate’s Royal Victoria Pavilion Wetherspoon pub has closed its upper floor after a customer spotted a mouse.

Customers were asked to leave the seafront venue last night (November 24) after a decision to close was made.

The ground floor is now open again.

A Wetherspoon spokesperson said: “A mouse was spotted upstairs and as a result Wetherspoon has taken steps to deal with this and at present upstairs is closed and will reopen soon.

“The rest of the pub is now open.”


  1. What a ridiculous over-reaction! Was the mouse wandering across the customers’ tables? Or just darting between skirting boards.

      • Kathy Bailes, by concrete you mean all the housing that is being built on every bit of spare land?

        Yes, Ian Shacklock, an (apparent) total over reaction, but we never know the full story.

        • Yes, we have taken up habitat. I guess the reaction is because they received a complaint last night and have decided better to be safe than sorry.

          • What about the pigeons that encircle the terraces outside? Do they count as vermin too? If enough people complain about them, then the pigeons could have a more devastating impact on Ramsgate’s tourism than a cargo hub at Maston

  2. I am unsure about the Law but think mice are classed as vermin where food is concerned , agree so do other things or people by some.
    This states a mouse was seen meaning more could be in the area, mice do travel and feed somewhere , so think it was right to close the top until the problem is sorted.
    It would not look good on a food report and could have the place shut down for good.
    We can avoid the birds by not sitting outside or the drunks that may be lurking, we cannot search all the places that the food is kept , could be mouse crap in that food on the table.

    I hope the mice didn’t have to pay lol.

  3. The Health Inspector – Fawlty towers comes to mind , The look on the health inspectors face seeing the rat in the biscuit tin .

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