‘Voices’ exhibition charts 100 years in Cliftonville

Looking at the history of Cliftonville and its synagogue Credit Arnold_Schwartzman

An exhibition from a project collecting history and memories of 100 years in Cliftonville will go on show in December.

The Cliftonville Voices project launched in May and involved collecting interviews from people across the community about their experiences of living in the area.

The project was commissioned by Cliftonville Cultural Space – the group which has taken on the former Margate synagogue with plans for renovation.

The result is a multi–media, immersive exhibition designed by Oscar-winning graphic designer and filmmaker, Arnold Schwartzman OBE.

Credit Nathan Jones

Cliftonville Voices celebrates the rich history and diversity of the area. Bringing together soundscapes, video and infographics it takes visitors on a 100-year journey through Cliftonville past and present.

The exhibition offers fascinating insights into the history of the synagogue building on the corner of Albion and Godwin Roads and the Jewish residents and visitors who

made Cliftonville such a thriving area in the early 20th Century. It also brings together testimonies from those whose memories span several generations, as well as recent arrivals from Cyprus, Latvia, Kosovo, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and Iraq.

Cliftonville Voices has been supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the Colyer Fergusson Charitable Trust,

Exhibition dates

Credit Nathan Jones

Friday 2nd, 9th, 16th December 4pm – 8pm;

Saturday 3rd, 10th, 17th December 2pm – 6pm;

Sunday 4th, 11th, 18th December 2pm – 6pm.

Private View – Thursday 1st December 6pm – 8pm.

There will also be an exhibition at the Margate Museum in spring 2023.


  1. Now it’s the pits, filthy streets ,crap furniture all over the pavements, grotty take aways,derilict properties,I could go on but I think you will get the picture.

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  4. Undoubtedly cliftonville had a strong influential jewish communtiy in the past, however their links to the area had mostly dissipated by the mid 90’s. So now we have an exihibition promoted by those looking for any excuse to pursue funding for a project they can’t afford to fund themselves. It really is becoming a bit of a brocken record.

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