Flytipped waste blocks road in Birchington

Household waste dumped in Park Road Photo TDC

Thanet council’s enforcement team is appealing for help to track down flytippers who blocked a Birchington road.

The items were found dumped in Park Road, behind Birchington Vale Caravan Park, yesterday (November 18).

Taking to social media, the council said: “The Street Scene Enforcement team attended a fly-tipping incident which was blocking Park Road, Birchington (behind Birchington Vale Caravan Park). A truckload of household waste had been emptied on to the middle of the road.

Photo TDC

“Incidents like this show why you should always choose a reputable waste carrier to dispose of bulky waste. If they fly-tip your waste and it can be traced back to you, you could get a fine.

“Help us find whoever did this – please email any information you may have about the incident to [email protected]

Find out about availability and how to book waster removal by Thanet council at:

When choosing a waste carrier, ask to see their waste carrier licence issued by the Environment Agency. You can find further information at


  1. I sincerely hope TDC have gone through this stuff to search for clues as to who it belongs to, rather than just pick it up and drop it at the tip. Hopefully catch the owners and who tipped it and throw the book at them.

  2. if it wasnt such a riamarole at the tip ,a lot of this could be avoided . theres charges for a tyre – charges for a bag of rubble , we pay are rates and get charged at the tip , rhen are rates are used to clear fly tipping ? its a bit ironic

  3. When a 6 yard skip is about £300 a time. This will always be happening. As you say even going to the tip they charge for certain items . Give it time they will probably charge you for everything you dump.Then slowly keep uping the price once you’ve excepted the charges .

    • TDC charges £30 to collect 5 bulky items (sofa, wardrobe, etc.) or 15 full 80 litre sacks.

      I would doubt a contractor (licenced or unlicenced) would do it for less than that.

  4. Not suprised.I hired a van from a well known firm in Thanet the other day and filled it up with household items I wanted to dump.Got to the TDC refuse area and was refused entry as it was a commercial vehicle.I explained that I was having a massive clearance but still refused entry.I decided to park outside and walk my old things in.Again I was refused entry as you cannot walk in with rubbish.So because of the frustration I suggested to the operative that I fly tip.He suggested that if I did I cojld be subjected to a fine.Its hilarious,is the council beinv run by Monty Python.Usual Thanet idiocy.Britains dirtiest borough.

  5. Some London boroughs provide free collection and proper disposal of household items.
    I asked TDC why this facility was not offered here. I was told it was “too expensive “.
    I wonder how much it costs us to clear up all this fly-tipping?

  6. See so much rubbish fly tipped but its collected every day, maybe tdc keep a log of flytipped trash.

    Why are so many tdc commericial communal bins or street side bins filled with domestic day to day waste like milk bottles,tin cans, nappys, cardboard etc. All enclosed in a plastic bag with the handles tied together. That is also flytipping.
    When the above bin’s are overflowing, the flytippers just leave their bag next to the bin or walk it around the corner and discreately just leave it on the pavement.

    Think we need a general election,soon

    • The new purple communal bins in Northdown Road, Cliftonville are being conveniently used by those businesses they are left outside. Full of cardboard and other waste which the Council takes away for free. They are supposed to be for residents living above those shops. TDC need to start fining those businesses.

  7. I lived in Thanet 10 years ago and and continuosly had rubbish dumped next to my house, Thanet council were not interested. I
    Eventually moved away mainly due to this issue. As an outsider now occasionally looking at Thanet news it’s no surprise to me you have a fly tipping problem due to your council turning a blind eye over the years

    • It isn’t just a Thanet problem, Medway has as many issues with flytipping as Thanet. The tippers are the same type of people you’ll find everywhere, driving adapted small lorries, living in small isolated communities throughout Kent and not paying their way.

  8. Years ago I was working in Sutton South London every road had a huge roll off skip parked up . The lady I was working for said it was the annual spring clean across the borough. Anyone could use it to clear out there unwanted rubbish . Forward thinking to reduce flytipping

  9. Thanet is an unclean area.

    High amounts of litter and graffiti lots of blocked road drains with weeds growing everywhere.

    Thanet really is a dirty unkempt place and it would be alot worse if it wasnt for the volunteers groups.

  10. It’s only the people who create the mess.Trouble is even if they increase council tax 100% would thing improve I doubt it . We’re my partner lives it’s a gated community yet people there throw there rubbish out. And there all privately own .

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