Ramsgate Arts Primary pupils creations inspired by Banksy and Barbara Kruger

Winning art by Polly and Bea

The works of acclaimed street artist Banksy and conceptual artist Barbara Kruger are inspiring creative children at Ramsgate Arts Primary.

Children have studied the way the pair use their style to convey messages and are devising ways to make their own important statements have a visual impact.

As part of their studies, pupils took part in the first in-school competition of this academic year to design images to convey issues they feel strongly about.

Art teacher Kelly-Ann Smith said: “There was a very high standard of work from students relating to a whole range of themes including littering, looking after our planet and animal cruelty.

“The two winners’ work included an entry from Polly for Key Stage 1 who produced a fantastically illustrated drawing based on the theme of being kind and including everyone.

“Bea in Key Stage 2 produced a photography piece that conveys the message that we need to act to resolve global issues.”

Both pupils received art prizes, a certificate and house points.

Head of School Nick Budge was impressed at the diversity of entries for the competition. He said: “Using two prominent and focussed artists as a basis for their work certainly encouraged our children to produce a raft of thought-provoking images.

“Each term we focus on a particular artist to give our pupils of all ages the opportunity to experience the sheer diversity of work produced by the prominent and not so well-known artists of all styles and disciplines.

“The next termly competition has a festive theme that will no doubt provide colourful artwork to complement our festive displays around the school.”


  1. It doesnt say in the article if the kids are told that banksy work is illegal. Graffiti is illegal and shouldnt be encouraged in schools.

    But I guess arty graffiti is ok

  2. Let’s take a positive article about young people achieving and put a completely negative spin on it, but then it’s easy to deride a child’s achievement hiding behind a pseudonym…

    • Not at all Darren Cowd

      Thanet is over run with graffiti you cant walk 10 yards without see graffiti. Graffiti is out of control in thanet.

      My point if the school is using an graffiti artist ( who is breaking the law ) as someone who to model your art work on, than the school should be pointing out that Banksy graffiti is illegal.

      I have no wish to put down the kids but hopefully they are also taught right from wrong. Painting onto something that doesnt belong to you without the owners permission is against the law.

      Banksy only gets away with his graffiti because the arty sector like him or her. If I do graffiti like banksy I will get nicked.

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