Ramsgate nan heads up free toast and hot drink sessions at Ellington Park Cafe

TEAM: Dianne Reilly (left) with Lisa Betts, Anne Ratcliffe and Lynne Love Photo Kelly McCone

People scrimping on food due to rising prices are being invited to have free toast and tea or coffee every Monday morning at Ramsgate’s Ellington Park Café.

Nan-of-one Dianne Reilly is at the helm, with help from volunteers, between 10.30am and 12.30pm each Monday after coming up with the idea to help out those who might be skipping breakfast to save on pennies.

The 84-year-old, who moved to Ramsgate 10 years ago along with her daughter, son-in-law and grandson, said: “I am friends with Bev (from Friends of Ellington Park) and said it was a shame the café wasn’t open on a Monday. I know staff need a break but I said what if I took it over to do free tea, coffee and toast, and she said yes.

Photo Kelly McCone

“People are getting very short of money and I was thinking that the mums who go by to drop their kids off at school might be making sure their kids have food by going without themselves but they can stop by the café for some toast and a drink.”

The café has held the free toast morning for two weeks and Dianne says the plan is to continue until March.

Dianne also runs a coffee morning at the café every Thursday from 11am and says anyone is welcome to join.

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    • How exactly would toast get graffitied?
      The cafe has been there for some time now with no problems, as you’d know if you ever went out into the real worlf rather than just moaning and looking for the worst in every little thing.

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