Prison for dealer who brought heroin and crack cocaine from Birmingham to Margate

Martin Kamesa

A county line dealer who brought class A drugs from Birmingham to Thanet has been jailed.

Martin Kamesa admitted being concerned in the supply of crack cocaine and heroin following an investigation by Kent Police’s County Lines and Gangs Team.

The 24-year-old, of Gipsy Lane, Birmingham, was given a three-year, nine-month sentence at Canterbury Crown Court on Tuesday 8 November.

Detectives investigated the ‘CJ’ county line after it sent messages to drug users in Thanet from March this year.

Enquiries suggested a dealer was bringing heroin and crack cocaine from the West Midlands and was using someone locally to help distribute the drugs.

Kamesa was identified as the runner from Birmingham and he was arrested in the city in August and brought to Kent for questioning.

Further investigation identified Donna Green, 42, as the person assisting Kamesa and she was arrested in Margate a week later.

Green, of no fixed address, also admitted being concerned in the supply of crack cocaine and heroin and was given a suspended sentence at the same court hearing.

Detective Constable Karl Shonhard, of County Lines and Gangs Team, said: “Drug dealing networks move in from outside of the county and try to co-opt local people into working for them.

“I am pleased that we quickly traced the man behind this line and shut down the network before it grew any larger. The jail term now secured will protect vulnerable people in the area.”

For more information on county lines and how you can help tackle the issue, click here.


  1. 3year prison sentence and probably released in a year for good behaviour. Then its back to work.The sentence is not long enough but I guess the Tories are saving money.

    • David, he is not a criminal mastermind, he was a runner. He is as easily replaceable as somebody giving their notice in at a supermarket. This means nothing to the county lines operations who would have replaced him in hours.

      Looks good for Matthew Scott, politicians & whoever is in charge or looking for re-election of whatever police force, but in reality they haven’t taken down the network & they never bother to.

      Just like the photo-ops when they bust some Eastern European patsy lorry driver at customs-often the bosses snitch on them to let a far bigger load behind them get through, they can afford to lose that loaf & if he gets 10 years in jail it is of no consequence to them. Just lazy policing/lip service.

  2. While this is excellent news, the sentence doesn’t reflect the damage caused to society from these drugs. Should be 10 years, then they will think twice.

    Also he is just the runner, they need the suppliers.

    • Not as much as by smoking or alcoholism. But yes, unlike most who clap at these endless headlines, (just like they do at the 25 years of lies about high local employment & prosperity by having an airport at Manston) you are also aware of the issue of these nonentity collars who are replaced right away & how this means nothing.

      Often the patsy lorry drivers getting caught at the ports get 10 years-it doesn’t effect the criminal networks in any way, unless you go higher up the food chain until you get the big boys it means nothing-other than nice publicity pictures & a tough on drugs message for the police & politicians when elections are coming near.

      People need to stop being fooled by this stuff, it has been happening for decades & nothing ever changes. The only way things will is via legalisation & regulation of the market-just as has been done with booze & fags for decades-despite them being dangerous drugs & often more dangerous to both the users & non-users via second hand smoke & getting caught up in beer & spirits driven fights than narcotics.

  3. Be a bit more helpful for us locally if the local facilitator was also locked up. Hardly likely Ms. Green is going to change her ways.

    • Lc I agree with you she should be locked up as well but if she is on the outside and carrying on with her dealing she will lead the police to more county lines, or she may have learnt a lesson and go back to being e decent person who liked to drink and smoke but didn’t do drugs she even had a council flat, if it is the Donna I know/knew she would be 42 now and it’s most likely lost her flat due to her drinking as it says she has no fixed address, if it is her she used to have same opinion as myself drugs are abhorrent and a scourge on society, 9 years since I see her, well done all those involved in arresting and the catching of these but why can’t the sentence be longer for drug running and dealing.

      • Hilarious that drugs & booze-two of the most dangerous drugs out there are legal & as you say booze cost her to lose her flat, but hey-those evil drugs-most of which are actually less damaging than either of those, tobacco will have wiped out a billion people by 2100.

        • Steve you mean tobacco and booze don’t you being legal?? And I. Agree that help her getting of her addiction would be better than jail, I’m not 100% sure it is the Donna I know but it is to much of a coincidence what with her age and surname. As for tobacco I don’t smoke did as a youth but hated it alcohol none since 2015 that was rare but stopped completely as would affect medication and never missed it, but non medical drugs they should never be legalised and I will do anything legally to stop the trading /dealing in them whenever possible even family.

    • Would be more helpful if she was given help for her issues-she is after all already homeless, likely in large part due to her addictions.

      It serves zero purpose to lock a total bottom feeder up in already overcrowded jails & would cost less to get her help for her addictions & get her into somewhere/back on her feet so she can support herself, than spending several years being paid for by the taxpayer to be kept in prison, mixing with/being prey to hardened criminals & then coming out with nothing & going back to the same life.

  4. Alot of the usually women who are ‘assisting’ with county lines are usually doing so under severe threat. They have drug problems and the dealer needs a property so they take advantage of them. Horrible situation to get yourself in

    • Well, we have done the tough on drugs thing for decades. The US has done it for 100 odd years & it hasn’t worked.

      Depends if you want to read the Daily Mail & sneer at people with issues any of us could fall prey to, lock them up & jeer at them & then release them to start the process over & over again, while you pay for their jail upkeep in taxes.

      Or if you want to try something different & get people help so they keep out of prison & reform the drug laws-as recommended by experts, who were then fired as winning votes from those who like to tut is more important than actually changing things.

  5. Yet another attention grabbing headline from the police. He is a runner, not the boss or a higher up in the network, once again him & his accomplice would have been replaced immediately.

    Another easy collar of a bottom-feeder, all it does is take a pleb out of the wheel & there are hundreds more lined up to take his spot. It does nothing to stop the networks-as they never go after the higher-ups.

  6. Prison will not help this guy, maybe the opposite as he can learn from other inmates in the crime uni.
    Those in charge need to snort it all out, or resign.

  7. Yep, not a long enough sentence for the scum but at least he is locked up. He may only be the runner but usually idiots like him think they are gangsters and are a menace to the areas they deal in and live in. Yes he will be replaced by another wannabe gangster but hopefully they get locked up as well sooner rather than later.

    As for Steve with his constant argument for legalising drugs, he’s wrong. In every country where drugs are legalised there is still a booming business of illegal drug dealing as it’s cheaper buying illegal drugs than buying from a shop where it’s taxed. If you actually look into the figures of legal drug sales, the majority of sales are to people who ordinarily wouldn’t have purchased it in the first place when it was illegal.

    Steve also forgets to mention that our health service and court systems are now spending vast sums every year having to pay for the care and treatment of cannabis users suffering from mental health issues such as Cannabis-induced psychosis and schizophrenia caused by long term usage.

    Another unwelcome side of effect of legalising drugs is that more selfish idiots are now driving round under the influence of drugs endangering other road users and pedestrians.

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