Emergency services attend collision in Newington Road

Emergency services

Emergency services were called to a crash in Newington Road this morning (November 14).

The road was closed at Newington Road/Highfield Road while services were in attendance.

The collision involved a car and a motorbike.

Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called to assist other emergency services. One fire engine attended. Paramedics were also in attendance.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a report of a collision between a car and a motorbike in Highfield Road, Ramsgate shortly before 8am.

“Officers attended along with South East Coast Ambulance Service and the motorcyclist was taken to a local hospital.

“The road was closed while the incident was responded to but reopened at around 10.45am.”


    • Probably “filtering” as they like to call it!!!

      See it every single day on Newington road.
      Motorbikes over taking at high speed.

  1. One wonders why the police bother to employ forensic investigators.
    They could simply report a few basic facts on IoTN – when, where, age of driver, colour of vehicles involved – and in moments our resident experts could come up with a complete and accurate analysis of the circumstances.

    • Yes, it is astonishing how the commentators on here can completely understand the cause of an incident with the bare minimum of facts – almost as if opinion was replacing and even stated as facts. Obviously the motorcyclist was at fault because, well, he or she was a motorcyclist. I would beg to differ, but obviously I would be wrong because, well, just because I obviously was. I’d still be interested to know the facts though…

      I hope the motorcyclists injuries are minimal and he or she recovers quickly.

      • Just as many car drivers miss seeing an approaching motorcycle as there are speeding or badly driven two wheelers!
        The anti-bike bias of some on here is atrocious with many car drivers needing to look at their own standards of driving before they start mouthing off.
        I say this as a ‘professional’ driver, having received advanced training and spending many years travelling all over this country without a single accident involving another vehicle.
        Empty vessels and all that.

  2. There was another accident in poorhole lane this morning at around the same time between a van crashed into a road repair machine that was parked the van was badly damaged at the front of the vehicle. Not sure if the driver was injured.

  3. So much bad driving technique in thanet, some drivers have been driving in a rather poor way for years and more years without their collar being felt.
    When people do wrong for many years without being pulled up they think their actions is normal.
    Its not just road users thou. So many bad um’s abound in thanet. Seems those that can make change actually take the change home as a cash bonus.
    Were doomed~

    Do Hope the injured a speedy recovery.

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