World Championship medal haul for Master Wolf’s Thanet Academy of Taekwon-Do and kickboxing

Master Wolf’s Academy of Taekwon-Do and kickboxing squad

By Paul Howe (1st degree black belt)

Following on from the recent success at the German Open in Frankfurt hosted by the World Kickboxing and Karate Union (WKU), Master Wolf’s Thanet Academy of Taekwon-Do and kickboxing rose to the challenge again this time attending the 2022 WKU World Championships in Wales.

This event, with competitors from 23 countries from around the globe, was hosted in Cardiff and competitors fought over two days of preliminary rounds followed by two days of finals.

The training required to compete in a World Championship is not for the faint hearted. Members of the England squad completed months of two hour sessions at the club involving block runs and sprints followed by numerous rounds of sparring and bag work all under the watchful eye of Master Wolf and assisted by club instructors and multi-time World Champions Lucy Wolf and Jamaine Hemmings. Being a National Squad, Master Wolf also held numerous squad sessions on a Sunday lasting for three hours with members travelling from as far afield as Reading and London.

The squad consisted of 27 fighters of all ages who competed in a range of disciplines, Light contact sparring, kick light sparring, points fighting and Kumite which is traditional karate style points fighting discipline. The squad consisted predominantly of fighters who had never fought at a World Championship before with the majority being under 18.

Just competing at this level is an achievement, let alone winning a medal. The medal haul saw 27 fighters win a total of 19 Golds, 27 Silvers and 34 Bronze medals, a phenomenal achievement. That’s an average of just under three medals for each fighter.

The wins were a testament to the calibre of training received and the grit and determination of all the fighters concerned.

The majority of the youngsters who fought in the squad came from schools such as King Ethelbert’s, Dane Court, St George’s, Ursuline, Chartfield, Chatham & Clarendon, Simon Langton (boys and girls) Barton Court and The Canterbury Academy.

If you fancy training with and being coached by world champions then contact Lucy Wolf on 07789 883146.

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  1. Well done,Master Wolf’s!You are a credit to Thanet.It makes a pleasant change,to hear patrons of Thanet using fighting skills in a positive way.

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