Call out to join Looping the Loop Sanger project

Ramsgate's Royal Palace Theatre (Image Ramsgate Library)

Work is beginning on a two-year project for Thanet performance company Looping the Loop.

The team will be making a community play based around the famous showman ‘Lord’ George Sanger and the circus. Sanger began what is now Dreamland in Margate. In Ramsgate he built the Royal Palace Theatre in the High Street, with 2000 seats.

Sanger’s Amphitheatre ran from 1883 – 1907 and was known as Royal Palace Theatre from 1908  after refurbishment. This closed in 1960.

Looping the Loop is looking for three artist practitioners to join them for the first period of work, developing the concept for the play.
If you are interested read the callouts and apply. Deadlines are Friday 11th and Friday 18th November:

Find the details here


  1. spot on ray , they love throwing money in the form of grants at these “projects ” i wish i was an artist / performer = ker ching

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