Town council boosts community organisations through grant funding

Beyond The Page is one of the groups to benefit from funding

Ramsgate Town Council has provided a boost to a number of organisations through grants and still has some funding available to be applied for.

The authority has awarded £3,396 to the Great British Carnival (formerly the Ramsgate Town Carnival) for 26 percussion instruments which will be used for its new community drumming band “Samba Ya Wansum”

Beyond the Page were awarded £3,500 for an ESOL teacher to provide English lessons to women at The Corner café site in Whitehall Road. The women are a variety of nationalities and the majority are mothers and play a key role in the successful integration and education of their children.  The additional confidence gained through the acquisition of language often results in further vocational skills training and/or regular employment

Photo Frank Leppard

Ramsgate’s Royal Temple Yacht Club has been awarded £1,000 towards Christmas lighting for boats in the Harbour, including the  RNLI and heritage craft vessels.

2019 parade Photo Malcom Kirkaldie

An award of £7,962.94 was granted for Arts in Ramsgate for the Ramsgate Winter Lantern Parade on December 22 and the workshops in the weeks before the event. The workshops will also provide a “warm space” for people struggling in the current economic climate.

A grant of £1,520 was awarded to  Ramsgate Salvation Army  to pay for the ‘soup run’ for 16 weeks.

Town council clerk Laura Fidler said: “Funding is a major part of delivering projects, but the work of the volunteers and organisations who make these things happen is essential and we can’t over-estimate the tremendous hard work that goes on in our community by volunteers.

“We also provide support for the community organisations with practical assistance, for example, collecting the green waste from the community gardening groups and promoting the activities of the community organisations in the CommunityAd magazine.

“There remains some funding available in our “Ramsgate Fund” grant budget for the current financial year, these grants are for up to £3,500 for community projects (normally capital items).”

if you would like to find out more call the office on 01843 598751 or see the grant criteria and the application form at

Other grant recipients have been:

Ramsgate International Film Festival
Ramsgate Town Carnival
Extra Normal Records
Miss Ramsgate Organisation
MSDS Marine
Friends of Ellington Park
Ramsgate Old Motor & Motorcycle Club
Ramsgate Bowls Club
Ramsgate Festival of Sound
Ramsgate Heritage Regeneration Trust
Freedom Road Project
Ramsgate Arts Barge
Ramsgate Skate Park
Thanet CAB


  1. i notice that pile of scrap – sorry the arts barge has received more money ? its scandalous , and why do WE need to teach people to speak english ? we are english. they seem to have money to throw away , and i noticed today that the saplings in nethercourt park have been wrecked – i hate to say i told you so

  2. Can’t help but notice that in the picture for “beyond the page” ,that those participating have clearly separated themselves into two groups which , given that its about teaching english, rather does suggest that a reluctance to integrate even exists between those of different backgrounds choosing to live here. Perhaps it also further suggests that acceptance by english nationals is not as problematic as some may intimate and that the problems are more complicated than often presented.

  3. Why is it Thanet runs on grants,, with out grants Thanet dies, but the grants that Thanet gets looks only to be for arty folk or some other failing attempt to create nothing real.why can’t they attempt to create proper jobs and a real futu re

    • It’s not just thanet it’s the whole country. There are millions of groups and charities that receive taxpayer funded support. The original idea was that these “ grassroots” organisations are more efficent and cheaper at offering what are effectively services to theeir respective communities than local councils etc.
      When people whitter on about austerity they conveniently forget to include these sources of funding that still go to areas, effectively making up some of the shortfall that councils say they’ve suffered.

  4. In this current economic crisis i think rtc should only give grants to food banks. So much existing art, its everywhere.
    Think the artsbarge needs £100k for phase1 works,wwas toldthey have 25% already raised with the current fundraiser which ends in december.
    Dig deep and contribute !

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