Amended Manston Green phase 2 development plan being considered by Thanet council

Manston Green phase 2 Image STEN Architecture/Redrow

Amended ‘reserved matters’ plans have been submitted for phase 2 of the 785 home Manston Green development.

The three-phase plan on agricultural land off Haine Road also includes a primary school, retail, community hall, and public open space.

An outline application for the development of the homes, primary school, retail, community hall and road works was agreed in 2016.

Permission was granted for 220 homes in phase one in October 2019.  Phase 2 is for 227 homes and phase 3 is for 324 homes.

The housebuilder was originally proposed to be Barrett Homes but the site is now being developed by Redrow Homes after it bought plots from Cogent Land LLP, which secured the outline consent.

Phase 2 is divided in two by the Manston Road running through the middle of the site. It is boarded to the east by  Haine Road, to the north by the Haine Industrial Park, to the east by Phase 1 and other proposed developments and to the south by Ozengell Grange.

Phase 2 site Image Redrow

The plan remains much the same as before with some amendments to the housing mix with a  rebalancing of the affordable homes provided  and the replacement of a number of flats with family homes.

The breakdown of phase 2 is 11 x 1 bedroom homes. 98 x 2 bedroom homes. 72 x 3 bedroom homes; 40 x 4 bedroom homes; and 6 x 5 bedroom homes.

Included in this are 46 affordable homes consisting of: 5 x 1 bedroom homes. 36 x 2 bedroom homes. 22 x 3 bedroom homes; and 6 x 4 bedroom homes.

The scheme also includes improvements to  the A256 Haine Road and reduced impact of it on the Listed Buildings at Ozengell Grange. Residential development has been placed outside of areas sensitive to aircraft noise in response to proposed development of Manston Airport. There will be public green spaces and two play areas.

Image STEN Architecture/Redrow

Phase 3 reserved matters submission was submitted on 18 August 2021 and is awaiting a decision.

Planning documents state: “The social role includes the provision of 227 homes, including the provision of 30% affordable across the whole of Phase 2, which assist with social mobility and ensure housing to meet the needs of the community is provided.

“There would also mean there is an economic benefit during the construction phase in relation to jobs, the sale of construction materials and use of local labour. Environmentally, landscaping on site has enhanced through around a series of multifunctional open spaces, connected by a network of attractive green streets.”

Manston Green

The Manston Green plan, which was first discussed with Thanet council in 2008, also includes works to create a junction off Manston Road, a Toucan crossing, and a new roundabout at the junction of Manston Road and Haine Road. The A256 Haine Road will be diverted and downgraded with an access road connecting it to Manston Road. There is also a loop road within Phase 1 which connects the access road to the proposed new primary school.

The wider road will eventually allow bus access through the site and to the school. A footpath/cycleway also follows the access and loop roads with a second footpath/cycleway into the site in the north-east corner and the existing bridleway from Ozengell Grange to Manston village will be extended into the centre of the site.

The Kentish Projects site

Other developments in the Haine Road area include a Kentish Projects development for 23 houses,15 flats and parking on land off Stirling Way, and the 500 property Spitfire Green development from Barratt Homes.

Spitfire Green

The first phase of 178 one to four-bed properties with 53 ‘affordable’ homes has already been launched.

Permission for phase one was granted by Thanet council in April along with the go-ahead for an outline application for a further for 322 homes.

Spitfire Green Phase 1 is land to the west on New Haine Road, Phase 2 land east of New Haine Road and the Phase 3 land to the west on New Haine Road. This is also an agricultural site.

View Redrow’s amended Phase 2 plan on Thanet council’s planning portal under reference R/TH/21/1082 (phase 2) and R/TH/21/1109 (phase 3).