Newington head teacher in the spotlight with grilling by school radio team

The radio team question head teacher Hannah Tudor

Children and families at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate are finding out some interesting and unusual facts about their Head Teacher.

Hannah Tudor was put in the hot seat for an interview with members of the school’s award-winning AAA Vadio team (vadio is Newington’s video and radio project).

Her honest and revealing replies now form part of a thought-provoking fun programme that is being listened to by the whole school community and much further afield via their official internet link online.

The show started with children posing the question Is Miss Tudor like Mary Poppins –practically perfect in every way?

Among the many diverse questions the head faced were what superpower would she like to have, her favourite three dinner guests alive or dead, her most annoying habit, the most embarrassing thing in her fridge, what two items would she want if she was castaway on a desert island, who would play her in the movie of her life, and what does she think about garden gnomes.

Music teacher Warwick Eldred, who co-ordinates the children’s radio project that has won two major national awards, said: “The interview formed part of our recent Newington Futures week where children explored the sort of careers they may like when they leave education.

“Each pupil in our radio group chose their own question to grill Miss Tudor with, but few could have predicted the answers that she gave. The original audio interview now has added visuals to enhance the interrogation fun.”

Miss Tudor said: “It was great fun. There were some curved ball questions that had me on my toes but I answered them honestly. It was an interesting experience and certainly demonstrates our children’s communication skills and the technical knowledge they are gaining working with the radio station.”

And the final word goes to the radio team who agreed that in their opinion Miss Tudor is just like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way.

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