Man remains in critical condition after ‘altercation’ in Ramsgate

Image Kent Police

Detectives have arrested a suspect following a serious assault in Ramsgate.

The assault is reported to have taken place at around 10pm on Friday 4 November in King Street. It was later reported to Kent Police.

Following an altercation, a driver got out of his vehicle and a clash with a pedestrian in his 50s took place. The pedestrian suffered serious head injuries and was taken to a London hospital where he remains in a critical condition.

A 26-year-old man from Margate has been arrested on suspicion of assault and currently remains in custody while enquiries continue.


  1. what a dangerous place thanet has become , its not even safe to walk in the street anymore , i wish the gentleman a full recovery soon

    • Funny, I don’t have any problems. Though I don’t venture out at night time-mostly only going to encounter yobbos if you do.

    • Real world, it’s not just Thanet that is out of control, it’s the whole of the UK. Years of community sentences and a policy of trying to keep people out our prison network have eroded the fear the police and our court system. A community sentence is not a deterrent, it’s an invitation to push the system a little bit further and only encourages more antisocial behaviour and criminality.

        • Whereas prisoners on community sentences are able to offend time and time again while left in the community. Criminals are not afraid of community sentences, there is no fear factor. Andrew, you might want to live next door to criminals and their anti social behaviour and crimes but the rest of us want to be free of the scum rather than having our lives blighted by people who deserve to be incarcerated. The public and the victims of crime are more important than the criminals and the law abiding majority deserve better.

        • Who would have thought that locking people up for 23 hours a day, mixing them with other criminals & doing nothing to help them when they get released would lead to a never ending cycle of re-offending?

          • Steve, who would have thought that making criminals stay in their own homes and sign bits of paper promising to behave would result in offenders continuing their criminal and antisocial behaviour and laughing at our legal system ? Offenders on community sentences continue to offend constantly, just ask the police. At least while a criminal is imprisoned they are not blighting law abiding citizens lives and can’t offend.

    • Yes, I wish I could afford to move to Knightsbridge. Wait a minute, Tamara Ecclestone’s on the phone saying “no you don’t”!

  2. Ramsgate again …. In the news for all the wrong reasons…. The armpit of Thanet, makes Cliftonoverspill look positively normal.

  3. Ramsgate is where all the yobs go on the weekends .Margate did well to get rid of the pub- clubs and nightclubs .

  4. Career criminals don’t mind being jailed, fined or care about any sentencing.
    Being jailed, fined/sanctioned are just another badge of honour to these criminals.
    Hope king does not become mob ruled and a nogo area, run by local thugs.
    Wish the victim all the best.

  5. Prison should be a deterrent.
    Not a hotel. No long term hotel sentences on tax payers’ money. Short, but hard and humiliating. No badge of honour. Water, bread and essential supplements.
    The money saved could go to better education and to prevent poverty. If the government can spend over 5 million a day on migrants who flee the French social system by dinghy, why can’t they tackle poverty here?

  6. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the courts stop issuing Anti Social Behaviour Order’s(ASBO’s) because it prevented yobs from getting a job?

  7. Sorry but you can not just make assumptions that the person arrested is a yob, scumbag or thug…you’ve just seen that someone in their 50s has been assaulted by a 26 year old but you don’t actually know what has really happened.

    • True. I was making assumptions that the driver was probably a coked-up maniac. But I’m still not sure how you goad a driver to get out of their car and almost kill you. Doesn’t sound like self defence if you put the other person in a coma.

      • The 50 year old was with another few people, clearly drunk and threw a bottle at the past driving car, smashing the windscreen and almost causing a crash. The driver got out and clearly felt intimidated.

        It could of happened to any gender at any age driving down the street at that time, but unfortunately it happened to a 26yr old male who was obviously stronger than the 50yr old.

  8. I’m from Croydon and moved to Margate six months ago. Thanet is lovely compared to some of the areas in Croydon. I feel perfectly safe walking around. Crime and violence is everywhere and until the courts impose proper sentences and fines, it’ll just continue!

  9. Before they put these refugees in accommodation, they should check they are part of the slave trade or in drug gangs. Single men maybe OK, but who knows. More vetting at source, and lots of disused army camps should be used. Not near built up communities.

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