’20’s Plenty’ meeting being held in Ramsgate

20mph Speed Limit Credit: istock/lenscap67

A public meeting is scheduled for Thursday (November 10) at the Comfort Inn, Victoria Parade, Ramsgate. Doors open 6.30pm and the meeting to discuss proposals for 20mph zones across Ramsgate will start at 7pm and run until 9pm. All are welcome.

There have been concerns about traffic speeds across Thanet. Campaigners say Ramsgate suffers particular problems – narrow streets, ‘rat run cut throughs,’ speeding and too few crossing points.

Cllr Pat Moore, from Ramsgate Town Council and Thanet District Council, helped to start the Dumpton Park Road Safer Roads Action Group, which has more than 100 members.

The group was set up following the death of a cyclist in a collision on the road.

Cllr Moore said: “It vital that communities come together to force highways and councils to take their safety concerns seriously. I’m pleased that Ramsgate Town Council has committed to 20mph across Ramsgate town centre. This will make Ramsgate a more pleasant and safer place to be. But we need more improvements.”

Kent County Councillor Karen Constantine who has organised the meeting, added: “We need cooperation between the three councils and with the police to ensure that our roads are made much safer.

“Not only to cut down on accidents, but to create more crossings areas particularly near to our schools, town centres and on other stretches of road that are obviously missing adequate crossing points. This is a huge issue and yet again Ramsgate isn’t getting the funding for improvements it deserves, in line with other comparable places across Kent.”

Participants are asked to arrive from 6.30pm onwards. If you have questions to submit beforehand please write to [email protected].

For more  information visit https://www.20splenty.org/


    • “Doors open 6.30pm and the meeting, to discuss proposals for 20mph zones across Ramsgate, will start at 7pm and run until 9pm”

      What a desperate shame that no-one from the police or KCC will be there.

  1. so doctors receptionists are now consultants , and the public are now the police and traffic wardens ????

  2. 20mph for all motorists, cycle users,horses (yes ask me) eebike users all who are welcome to share the roads.
    From life experience outside frailgngthanet it is possible to enforce a 20 mph rule via speed humps.narrowing roads,road restrictions ,not parking on the carriageway facing the wrong way,not having an illegal front garden park bay with no planning permission/no dropped kerb .

    Seen it before. Police will only enforce 20mph via cameras if they are paid or it could be a well known rtc area.

    Tdc could use a private company to enforce speed limits and issue pcn’s tdc take a percentage of the penalty to invest in further speed awareness initiatives.

    Oh don’t worry, sone be christmas

    • 20 mph limits tend not to be very effective. 20 mph “zones” which incorporate street furniture, contrasting road surfaces and so on, do work.

    • Rockstar, Acol have one of their own moron’s behind the wheel, used to have a little red Noddy car, now flying around in a green pile of crap c/w noisy exhaust, has absolutely zero respect for any of his neighbours.

  3. Words fail me (almost) over this ludicrous proposal.
    Quoted is the story of the unfortunate cyclist that died, however no mention of getting cyclists, and especially illegal E-scooter riders to obey the laws of the road, is there?
    Yet another campaign by a vociferous few to impose their views and wishes on the more silent majority.
    Simply, this legislation is not needed, just enforce the existing laws on ALL road users!

  4. Who is going to enforce these speed limits ( no one) at 20mph it just means the boy racer cars with Scaffold pole exhaust pipes and idiots on toy motorcycles with no exhaust will be in our roads longer reving up their toys longer if indeed they are doing 20 miles an hour. What next do we have on the moans Jenny Dawes moans list.
    What about the noise from the waterfall as b it Splashes to the bottom.

  5. 10 mph speed will not stop idiots speeding ,spee d humps only work with careful drivers, idiots don’t care about speed humps etc, basically a waste of money ,try looking at Margate sea front very few vehicles keep to 20 mph limit and that’s buses taxis lorries cyclists etc

  6. There has been an increase in speeding in Ramsgate in recent years. Will this idea work? I’m not sure as those doing the speeding seem to be driving way over normal limits and being quite reckless. Will a new limit help?

    • Carly, a 20mph limit won’t work. The speeding idiots who are already travelling at excessive speeds will carry on driving at excessive speeds no matter what the speed limit is.The only way to stop speeding motorists is for the police to actively enforce current speed limits. We need more speed Cameras and the police need to start targeting the boy racers in their modified cars. Without enforcement a speed limit is just a number.

  7. Ridiculous proposal – lowing speed limit won’t make any difference. I don’t think anyone has stuck to the 20mph limit in Margate since it has been introduced. Well, certainly no car I’ve been following. Agree with Ton.

  8. This will be another waste of time, because if motorists and those horrible and dangerous e scooters, can’t keep to the speed limit at the moment, how on earth do you expect them to adhere to a new speed limit.
    There isn’t enough done to uphold the speed limit as it is now.

  9. Shame its not a public meeting about the ongoing violence in Ramsgate. Shouldn’t that be tackled first.

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