Colourful makeover and exhibition at former Standfast shop in Margate

The old Standfast building now houses the Graffiti Print exhibition Photo Frank Leppard

Photos Frank Leppard

The former Standfast Security shop in Margate’s Churchfields Place has had a colourful makeover.

The shop shut in 2020 after 52 years of trading following the retirement of Geoff and Charlie Brightling.

But it has now had bright new paintwork outside and is currently housing a 10th anniversary exhibition by Graffiti Prints.

Photo Frank Leppard

The exhibition opened Friday and runs until 5pm today (November 5) and again tomorrow from noon until 5pm. Following the weekend works that have not already sold will go to auction online.

Photo Frank Leppard

Featured artists include  Martin Whatson, FinDac, Sandra Chevrier, SNIK, MadC, Nuno Viegas, Pez, Fanakapan, Hama Woods and Louis Masai, who headed up the Rise Up environmental campaign which saw 17 huge murals painted on buildings across Margate.

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Graffiti Prints publishes limited editions of street art and urban contemporary art. Originally based in Newcastle, the brand has now moved to Margate.

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  1. Yes we need these as only used in the day , give the migrants somewhere to sleep at night.
    They getting fed up with the dull looking tents, they should be allowed nice looking surrounds like we all have , you know it makes sense and am sure they will take good care of all the art in there.

    • No need for you to worry about the migrants – they are now being moved into Broadstairs (as detailed in another article upon which we are not permitted to comment).

      A private company has the contract to supply accommodation to the Government – and is renting that accommodation from another company – so everybody makes a profit and the Government merely picks up the tab . . .

      • As it ever has been, in the late 90’s/early 2000’s, there were a good number of large buildings in cliftonville/ margate used to house migrants, one in cliftonville was a 12 bed ex hotel bought at auction for very little, it received a contract that lasted 8 years , £30,000 a momth whether it was full or empty.
        If you want o get efen more irate, ask tdc via an foi how much its given to paramount property services over the years for its “emergency housing” and associated services. It costs tdc millions. You might also ask how much is paid to the architects Lee Evans Partnership as they seem to have their name attached to just about every tdc related project of late.

  2. If paid completely for by graffiti prints ,and ,no money or help from TDC or kcc or any other taxes ok ,not my cup of tea, to much money from Councils going to arts/artists,if the artists cannot get by ,without tax payers money, change what you do ,to get people to buy it,and don’t get me started on so called street art

    • Strangely enough there is no mention of Arts Council funding this time so we can only hope it is being run on a purely commercial basis – and that all the featured artists selling their wares will be paying income tax . . .

  3. Funny how the TDC planning department go after people’s home addresses for nice looking designs, yet say the word art & they suddenly have no issue with it being totally out of keeping.

    • That is actually quite true. Some of ghe Art…the one near the Windmill…just jumps out in a way which takes away from the natural beauty of its area. Hopefully the children at Drapers Mill Primary school like that Painting more than me.

  4. they should find the culprits of all the graffiti that blights this beautiful area, i have never seen one prosecution ( have you ?) , someone knows who these clowns are – especially the ones that are drug related , as for this new shop – come off it , enough is enough , its just encouraging more of this cr*p

  5. Margate is more take the pizzle artiste.
    Sorry but Margate will never be an art town.
    Turner.. Is a waste of over 20m.
    I see art chairs given from winter gardens to granville
    I see art space EKC rent n bill free

    Okay who wants art… Tdc giving the towns aasets away isnt art its, theft

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