Royal Victoria Pavilion in Ramsgate to reopen tomorrow

Royal Victoria Pavilion

The Royal Victoria Pavilion on Ramsgate seafront will reopen tomorrow (November 4) at 8am following a short closure due to staff sickness.

The Wetherspoon pub shut its doors on November 1 due to the outbreak – understood to have been norovirus- and the need to undertake a deep clean of the venue.

Environmental Health were informed of the situation and the pub closure was voluntary,

Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon has now confirmed the site will be reopening in the morning.


  1. Wetherspoon do an excellent curry. At least their place in Deal (The Sir Norman Wisdom) serves a lovely portion. Go for the Madras. Pleased they are now open again in Ramsgate.
    Personally, I am teetotal but I enjoy their food. As much tea as you can drink, too. Not to be sneezed at.

      • Ive not stepped foot inside there out of principle. cheap crappy food, short date beer and owned by a man who really isnt a very nice chap. it is nice the building was put into use, but it could have been so much more than yet another crappy spoons.

          • art and community.. not really my cup of tea, but why a dirty great big crappy pub.. as said out of principle i wont go in any spoons, refuse to put money in that blokes pocket

        • Is that more to do with him politically and not his venues, which are always nice?
          They sell reasonably priced food.
          I think in his way, he is preserving some of the Heritage sites in the country.
          I am sure you are in a minority, regarding your
          principled comments.

          • oh i dislike the man a lot, but cheap food isnt always good food, i would rather go across the road to tops cafe, decent price decent portions, and when kandy was running it i always had a chat, ive not been down since she left.. but id still rather spend my money in there.. i have no interest in drinking so no reason to go in there!

          • Expensive food isn’t always good food either. I’ve paid well over £100 for meals for 2 at one of the most acclaimed Margate seafront restaurants, and quite frankly it was no better than I’d get for half the price in a Thorleys pub. For what it is, Wetherspoons food is very good (for what it’s worth, my eaterie of choice when I very occasionally go to Ramsgate tends to more often than not be Corby’s).

    • I don’t like the owner’s politics but he does offer variety and good value. For that reason I would frequent the place and other Wetherspoons.
      Other boozers in the vicinity are put to shame. So don’t knock it for offering better value.

  2. A nice, clean pub by any standards. The ‘spoons in Sevenoaks (The Sennockian) is good too. And the two in Bromley. Whitstable ain’t bad either.

  3. The one in Ramsgate is a great place to go. A pint of decent ale for around £2 with more of a range than any other local pub. Pizzas that are just as good as the former Pizza Express just up the road. Can order on an app rather than stand for ages at a bar.

    Seriously. What’s there not to like ? There’s a reason why chains like this do well in recessions / periods of economic downturn. Perhaps people realise that paying £6.50 a pint and £15 for a burger isn’t the best deal in the world.

  4. Probably just a coincidence, since the voluntary illness shutdown. New menu and drink pricing has appeared. One particular pint is now +20p
    That spoons has historically been more expensive than a high street spoons in west london.
    Ramsgate Price difference on a selected draught pint +30p and a large breakfast is +90p other food is also +price (changes will happen).
    Dont mind paying more but, i rather eat drink where the regulars eat and drink.

  5. Please can we get away from the notion that Wetherspoons is a pub. It’s not It’s just a licensed eateries. My parents were publicans and had strong views about the importance of pubs to the local community and I share those views. Witherspoon is not somewhere I would ever go nor do I need to as Ramsgate has a number of good pubs

    • Most pubs these days are licensed eateries. Apart from micropubs, pubs that don’t do meals are a dying breed (I just wish I could pop in one and have a pork pie like I used to 40 years ago!).

    • Elaine, these pubs are so good that they closing or going bust. Wetherspoons offers something customers need … reasonably priced beer and food that is cheap and cheerful. The one in Ramsgate also has great views and lots of sea air.
      Of course it’s a pub, silly.

      • the pubs are going bust yes, good decent local pubs, i can count a dozen off hand from my childhood gone, big cheep and cheerful crap holes like spoons isnt helping!I would much rather a pack of pork scratchings in a proper pub thats isnt some poncy eatery

          • sad but true, i dont drink anymore, but when i do pop in town with the wife so she can have one, i still visit places like the red lion, or the elephant and castle. proper pubs

    • Of course it’s a pub, you don’t have to eat there! And it’s important to the local community. And Wetherspoons rescued it from dereliction, not many old-school publicans would have spent that much money on it.

      • It IS a pub, but the lack of music (let alone such latter day luxuries as a dart board and pool table) makes it a very sterile one. I do use Wetherspoons, but I’d never go in one for ONLY a drink – as I do occasionally with other pubs when out walking.

        (and how refreshing to chat on here without anyone throwing insults!)

        • Peter, what a load of old rubbish. Traditional pubs don’t have music, nor dart boards. It is the human company that gives it life and meaning. Sterile is the large screen with “live sport” in Thorley taverns.
          Going into a pub on your own is sterile. Conversation with old pals along with the laughter that goes with it were the hallmarks of the old pubs. Pubs were noisy places with the odd sing-along. No music required. I walk past a pub nowadays and all you see is gloom and doom.
          Except in Wetherspoons of course.
          Lonely people on bar stools staring into space is the sight that greets you in most pubs today.

          • I’d never go in a pub with a giant screen (‘Sky Sports’ = ‘Stay away’ to me). But I am of the generation who liked to put some money in a jukebox and have a game of pool while drinking my pint and eating my pork pie (I also got used to seeing a stripper on a sunday lunchtime as an adolescent in late 70s Leysdown, and later in the early 80s as a scaffolder in the Old Kent Road on a friday lunchtime – but I guess those liberal and free days are long gone!).

          • Oh yes I remember strippers in the Beckett, and the Dun Cow. With groups of boisterous lads (me included) chanting “Keep ‘em on, keep ‘em on, keep ‘em on” etc.

          • My friends son who used to work for Wethersoons was told off for talking to the customers! At the time the bar was more or less empty! Needless to say he no longer works for the firm

  6. It’s interesting to note the places that don’t have a Wetherspoons: Dulwich Village, St John’s Wood, Chislehurst, Cliftonville. I’m sure the folk in at least one of these places would welcome a ‘spoons. So come on Tim Martin, have a scout around NW8!

  7. I visited Ramsgate Wetherspoons a few days before it closed.
    I am an overseas visitor. I felt the carpets were filthy and the place seemed unhygienic. I don’t understand carpets in public places. They are so full of germs.

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