Special pizza delivery to thank staff at QEQM’s Rainbow Ward

Zdenek and Lenka Tancos make their delivery to Rainbow Ward staff

NHS staff on QEQM Hospital’s children’s ward have received a surprise delivery of 20 pizzas to thank them for their work.

Cliftonville’s Tiarrah Pizza Bar owners Zdenek and Lenka Tancos made the special delivery after staff at the Rainbow Ward cared for their 11-year-old daughter Camille.

The parents-of-three, who opened their business in May this year, have also pledged to give all NHS staff 25% off their meals and are urging other businesses to do the same.

The couple are originally from Slovakia but met and married in Thanet and have been here for some 18 years. They worked in working in hospitality, restaurants and hotels until they had saved enough to open the Tiarrah Pizza Bar.

Lenka said: “We would like to say huge thank you to all NHS staff, especially in Rainbow Ward at QEQM Hospital because they have shown great kindness to our daughter who has been hospitalised with a sudden illness that has touched us as parents deeply.

“The nurses and doctors have been very patient and helpful with all patients and our daughter Camille too.
“Our new restaurant Tiarrah Pizza Bar has therefore decided to go in there and surprise them with pizzas. We have delivered 20 pizzas from Tiarrah to say thank you for their hard and long hours of work.

“We value their hard work very much and will continue to support all NHS staff  by offering them 25% off their meals in our restaurant.
“We would like also to encourage all local businesses to offer similar benefits to NHS staff as they deserve it.”

Find Tiarrah at 253 Northdown Road.


    • real world, you are revolting.

      There is no requirement for anyone to do anything to say thank you for the treatment they receive from the NHS. This gesture was purely optional and, dare I say it, a damn sight more than other people give who have received treatment from the NHS.

      Quite aside from the above, one assumes that, as business owners and taxpayers, they have contributed to the NHS from which they have received treatment for their child. It sounds like you have an objection to their having received treatment… Why is that I wonder?

      • MargateJim it’s quite simple whoever real world is racist reading his posts especially his here itts shows as you all but said it, it was a nice gesture giving some hot food as a thank you as they were in a position to be able to, most of us give a card and a box or tub of chocolates/sweets to share, the problem with real world is he hates them because they have worked hard and saved up and we’re able to afford to start their own business good luck to them.

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