Static home ‘dumped’ on Westgate clifftop five months ago could remain in place until April 2023

The dumped static home Photo Dave Tappy

A static caravan which arrived on the cliff top at Westgate at the end of May could be there until April next year while an ongoing court process takes place.

The static, on land off Sea Road near the Westgate Pavilion, appears to be unoccupied and has fencing in front of it.

Thanet council’s legal team is dealing with the efforts to get it removed from the land, which is owned by the local authority.

Westgate councillor Bertie Braidwood highlighted the issue in his regular planning update on facebook, saying: “As this static home has been sited on TDC land, there is an ongoing case with TDC’s legal department and a preliminary hearing was held at Canterbury Court this week.

“TDC’s planning enforcement has had involvement in the investigation and has provided support to their legal team.”

A Thanet council spokesperson confirmed legal proceedings are taking place with a final hearing expected next April.

The spokesperson said: “We made an application to the court for an injunction to remove the static home from the clifftop in Westgate-on-Sea, land owned by Thanet District Council. The first hearing in this process took place on Wednesday 19 October 2022.

“The owner of the static home has been directed to provide an amended defence to the court by Wednesday 16 November 2022 and we expect the final hearing to take place after April 2023.

“We are unable to provide further comment as the legal proceedings are ongoing.”


  1. What a total farce, if you made a film of this no one would believe it. The law is a total ass.
    Remove it asap and see who complains – then sue them for trespass or what ever.
    So bloody wrong.

  2. They huff and they puff let’s just hope that a strong wind blows the thing down. Even if TDC win the owner of the monstrosity will do a Jenny Dawes possibly. i.e. everything is in my husbands name.

    Of course this looks just as much an eyesore as the Pavilion which also had railings around it for 2 years.

  3. If i left a freezer and a mattress there would TDC go to court to get them removed !!!!!


  4. Trouble with leaving this issue for so long is a breach of health and safety towards the public.
    If that static home becomes a victim of vadilism only the locals and wildlife is effected.
    Clearly a cost is involved with removal but removing the eye sore now could save taxpayer’s money in the long run

  5. Is that the same caravan that was in the car park of some flats a bit further down Sea Road?

    Always wondered why that was in that car park, thought it must have been workmen refurbing the building at first, but years later still there. Looks similar, see here:

  6. Whyyyyyyy does it take so long, they cry!

    The Ministry of Justice has lost 40% of its budget..

    Between 2010 and 2020, 164 magistrates’ courts closed.

    The government plans to close 77 more courts by 2025/26.

    But but but this is not what I wanted they cry!

    But but but you voted for 12+ years of austerity and more to come..

  7. Surely it could be removed to a compound and any bills accrued would be the liability of the owner if they ever claim it. A limit of say 6 months while it is stored would be fair after which time a notice could be put in the local press giving 28 days for it to be moved and storage fees paid up or it will be sold to cover costs of the storage , or destroyed.

  8. So Kathy what is the issue here… Why is it not being just removed like any other fly dumping. Why is a court order needed. ? Why is it there months?

    • Honestly, I’m not sure unless someone had been living in it and so it is being dealt with as an eviction. That, however, is a guess.

      • My guess is TDC know who the owner is, which means they may be in the wrong if they remove it without permission, even if its on council land, which is why they have had to go to court!

    • More likely arsonists will have some fun!!!

      Seriously I think it’s cost of removing it and council are trying to get as much cost back from the owners of eyesight other wise why bother with court!!

      As for using it for the overflow at Manston don’t jest they. Could be going for a break out soon if what prison officers are saying is as bad as it is, there will be no one there,

  9. I was under the impression that TDC now had powers to quickly remove caravans from public land.

    Is it now the case that I can go and place my caravan in the park of my choice and it will take a year for TDC to move me on ?

  10. Trouble is there all lining their own pockets.
    Look at Liz Truss. The pension she gets is nothing more than extortion of the paxpayers purse.
    The government should be held to account over expenditure.

  11. I expect with all the health and safety issues today moving that will probably cost over a grand plus to shift it on .How about advertising it as an airband b Close to the beach 150 a night . Bring your own generator.

  12. Tow it to the scrapyard get rid of it and argue about it later. Save TDC a load of money. Must be cheaper than all these lawyers

  13. The obvious danger is that if left till next year and swift action by TDC is not taken , it will soon end up with multiple caravans and static homes alongside it. The word will be just park there as there is virtually no deterrent . A small problem such as 1 static home could soon be a massive problem if not dealt with immediately

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