Veteran North Thanet MP vows to quit Party whip if Boris Johnson returns to Prime Minister role

Sir Roger Gale

North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale has told a radio station he will resign from the Conservative Party whip and stand as an independent MP if Boris Johnson becomes the next Prime Minister.

The veteran MP shared his view on Times Radio following a tumultuous day in Parliament with the resignation of Liz Truss from the PM role after just 44 full days at the head of the country.

Her resignation came after including a mini budget U Turn, the sacking of short-lived Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng, the resignation of Home Secretary Suella Braverman and a tumultuous day in Parliament yesterday with claims of bullying over a fracking vote brought by Labour and the resignation – followed by an unresignation- of Tory chief whip Wendy Morton.


Sir Roger has served as the member of Parliament for North Thanet since 1983 and been a Conservative Party member since the mid 60s.

Nominations for those now vying for the PM role are open until Monday. Candidates need the backing of at least 100 MPs when nominations close to be in the running.

The new Tory leader and PM is expected to be in office by next Friday.

Those rumoured to have thrown their hat in the ring include Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt and former PM Boris Johnson who resigned in September amid a series of controversies leading to mass resignations.

Sir Roger said yesterday on social media prior to the radio interview: “We need to remember that Mr Johnson is still under investigation by the Privileges Committee for potentially misleading the House. Until that investigation is complete and he is found guilty or cleared, there should be no possibility of him returning to Government.”

NOTE: Sir Roger says he will quit the party whip which means he could not be a Conservative MP, instead standing as an Independent. However, he says he would remain a party member.


    • Well Peter, just to prove there is a God, Johnson has pulled out of the Tory election for Prime Minister, as of this morning!

  1. Love to see him back just to give the lefties one up…. And get rid of Gale who is more of a zephyr these days.

  2. Boris Johnson is under investigation by Privileges Committee, lied to the Queen, lied to Parliament, broke his own laws during lockdown, was quoted saying ‘let the bodies pile high’, attended parties with former KGB agents without his security detail, protected an MP accused of sexual assault and kept Nazanin in prison in Iran etc, etc, etc.

    • No-one’s perfect…

      Serious question, Elaine: Who do YOU think should be the new Tory leader? It’s OK everyone saying that the Tories should go, but we still need someone in charge in the meantime. I quite like both Penny and Rishi, but I’m not sure any of them would make particularly good leaders.

    • If they think Johnson is the best they’ve got then there is no doubt the Tories are living in the gutter.

    • Elaine, don’t forget he cut nurses wages after they treated him for Covid, and spent 3 weeks in Intensive care! Johnson is a rogue, a proven liar, but above all he is con man! He conned this country into leaving the EU by promising £350million a week would go into the NHS if we left the EU, that didn’t happen. All those people who voted for him were conned, and like most people who get conned, they can’t admit it, and seem willing to be conned again, Duuurh!

      • Indeed Dumpton, those that buy into the cults of say Mr Johnson and Mr Trump often possess the perfect combination of cognitive dissonance and the Dunning–Kruger effect. I’ve noticed they can often be found in the comment sections of news articles getting frustrated that others don’t explain complex concepts and non-binary arguments to them in simple, black and white terms.

        • Elaine I have just emailed Mackinlay to urge him not to vote for the incorrigible lying con man Johnson, because according to my newspaper this morning the Parliamentary Privileges Committee will almost certainly find Johnson guilty of misleading, and lying to parliament! I told Mackinlay if Johnson is re-elected as Prime Minister he could be the 4th Prime Minister to be sacked inside a year, one twice! I asked does he think it acceptable Great Britain will look like a banana republic in the eyes of other nations (except we won’t be a republic) if Johnson is re-elected then expelled from parliament again?

          • It will be political suicide for the Tory party to bring Mr Johnson back (right now), I suspect even Mr MacKinlay knows this. The Parliamentary Privileges Committee process will be televised and Mr Johnson will have to give evidence daily, regardless of the outcome such a distraction will unsteady the markets at a time when any PM needs to be 100% focused on the economy. Listening to and reading the news this morning it’s pretty clear it is dawning on the Tory membership that Boris is unviable. Part of me would like to see this farce unfold and further negative impacts on the economy utterly destroy the ultra right-wing faction of the Tory party……but it’s more a priority for me right now that my tanking pension fun picks up and more mortgage deals to come back on the market.

  3. They must be desperate to want Bojob back.
    After all the alleged lies to the country about not being at parties when he was, the apparent lies to Parliament , and to the Queen.
    The Security Services urging that an ally of Putin NOT be made a member of the House of Lords due to KGB connections, but Johnson just went ahead so we now have his friend Lord Lebedev in the House of Lords discussing Britain’s future.
    Still an MP, Johnson has been AWOL for weeks, earning money in the USA on a speaking tour, then holidaying in the West Indies, ignoring the disasters in London, but is now to be regarded as a suitable figure to represent Britain to the world!
    In a way, I suppose he is!
    Chaotic, indifferent to others unless they have big money, full of bluster about past glories, praising Britain’s long-established democratic institutions but then ignoring them if they don’t suit, adopting policies if they get you elected but then trashing them with poor delivery (Brexit!), yes, in a way, Bojob is the perfect man to represent the British ruling classes.
    After all, Downing Street is still decorated and furnished in the way he chose. A unique , over-the-top style decor, paid for by somebody else trying to get government influence.

      • Why do we have to pick? The Tories are in their own Westminster bubble. They only got the mandate they did because the lied over and over and it went unchecked.

        You voted Tory you asked for this mess.

        Anyone asking for Boris back doesn’t understand what is happening this month.

        He could easily be suspended.

        He is not a serious option and it’s the media and morons that are feeding the narrative that he is.

        These are facts.

        He is not a serious option.

        I hope they pick him as that will lead to the destruction of the party. Lots of MP will defect or quit. That will lead to a quick GE and will mean the Tories will either shrink forever or need to rebuild back on serious Tory central foundations… either is better than this.

        There are so many brilliant Tory MPs that are honest hard working and care. That have great values. Not one of them will be mentioned in the running….

          • This is your major issue Peter you cannot or fail to read. I am not anti Tory. I’ve voted Tory. I’m anti this party. Which is not a Tory Party. They don’t understand Tory values. I am now more left leaning but so can Tory MPs be.

            You are typical of the people that do not understand how a democracy should work. It should be one colour for life. You should vote by policy and manifesto not the colour of a Tie.

            This lots have allowed themselves to be manipulated by the likes of Tufton Street and destroyed the economy.

            If you think me wanting them out makes me anti Tory – they tories are doomed.

            I shouldn’t be the one picking one out of a crazy batch. All the sensible ones are stepping back and saying “no thanks”

            They know it’s a matter of time.

    • And yet he’s still incredibly popular with many of the electorate. In an age where politics is dominated by gdouble speak, dissemblance, wallpaper and weasel words, every statement and policy left with an option to take a different tack if its more convenient, most realise that you can dismiss anything said by politicians ( all of whom do little more than promise a land of milk and honey for all paid for with funny money and miracles) so at least Boris knows that the electorate knows he’s no better than any of the others and as such lends him a sort of warped integrity.
      The country is skint, everyone wants more for doing less paid for by borrowing or someone else’s taxes. Reliant for too long on low interest rates and schemes that allow people to borrow more than they could without said scheme. What little economic growth based on filling the country with ever more people , whose mere presence means gdp grows just as a result of the services and goods they consume , but means nothing. We should really look at per capita production and the value of state assets per head, this would show if there’s any real growth , and without real growth we’re only going to go backwards.
      The nation needs a leader that people want to follow , without one nothing will happen. This site has a majority of those who have more left oriented political views and as such nothing to do with the tories will get support, hardly a balanced sample , but not a problem.

  4. I don’t think Boris should come back,but I think it is about time Roger Gale stepped down, I cannot think of anything he has done for the People of Thanet

      • I agree. He is a good MP. He does help people and he does care. I might not agree with many of his ideas but he is a proper MP

        Craig is not.

        • William Hague would be a safe pair of hands and hopefully keep the faithful from voting otherwise at the next GE.
          The polls are disastrous at the moment and it is most likely a Labour win but Hague could reduce the forecasted majority so less chance of a landslide.

      • Peter your deluded! MP’s are elected to hold governments to account, they seldom have anything to do with local issues people may have. If you went and asked Gale to do something for you, unless it was of a national issue, he would have passed it straight to your local KCC, or TDC councillor! I’m intrigued as to what national issue you asked Gale to help you with?

          • Well Peter, in which case Gale didn’t deal with it. If it was something to do with the NHS, then you are best going to the Care Quality Commission. I did this once after I discovered by chance my GP had been concealing serious and life threatening diseases from! The Care Quality Commission carried out a thorough inspection of the surgery, and as a result the NICE posted procedures for GP’s to follow, so patients are made aware of any medical conditions they have! My GP tried to treat as if I was a child, instead of at the time a 75 years old man! Thousands should now benefit for the new advice provided by NICE as a result! My GP struck me off!

    • To the contrary Sir Rog is a proper hard working MP, very matter of fact and straight talking if you actually sit down with him and very accessible to his constituents. I’d go as far as to say if every MP ( no matter what party) worked as hard at constituency level the view of our political system would be very different.

  5. we have just got rid of that twat boris , know they speak of bringing him back – have they got short memories ! , he set this mess is motion , and well said roger , but i doubt if craigy boy will back you , he wants a ministers job so he will follow the pack

      • Peter as far as I’m concerned the Conservative government dead scared of going to the country, Boris is the cause of your parties decline if he hadn’t lied to the country and our late Queen Elizabeth we would not be in this state as a consequence of of the tories rank&file voting in Liz Truss they were warned her ideological plans were suicidal and would be disastrous for the country, there is only one suitable person that is the only person who said the truth throughout the last leadership elections for tory leader that is Rishi Sunak, he was favourite in THE majority of tory MPs there is no need for a vote, I/WE may not like some of the things that he will do but I believe out of the Conservative government he will be the stability this country needs at the moment, but I haven’t ever voted for them to govern our country and never likely to, I would prefer to see an election so we can hopefully get shot of Thanet’s two crackpot’s especially Mr Fracking Craig Mackinlay,

          • Peter Rishi if there is no election for sometime will be the ok to bring stability to the economy as tories leader but will not win you the next election, Starmer more than likely will but neither will get my vote because of who is MP here and if its is the same candidate Labour had last time neither will he. My big problem is both of labour and Conservative parties are never really interested in the good of the country and its people due to their fighting each other pointless points scoring and back bitting it’s about time all the elected members of Parliament acknowledge that there is a need to work together for the people who voted them in.

      • Peter the reason why we can’t come up with an alternative to Johnson is there is no one! The only Tory MP I had any time for was Rory Stewart, who left parliament for a distinguished academic career! I don’t know if someone can become PM who is not an MP, but don’t see why not, especially when their country needs them like never before!

        • But Dumpton, surely as a Labour supporter you would WANT a useless Tory leader? As I Tory, I was perfectly happy to have Corbyn in charge, as I knew he was unelectable.

          I agree with everyone who wants a General Election though.

      • We don’t want another Torythank you , we need a general election instead and then see the righties get smashed by Labour. P.S. I don’t like labour either. You far right activists are the major problem in this country.

  6. and richard – i can tell you what roger has done for thanet over the years – he has opened a few garden parties and dog shows . thats about it really

  7. This is the best news I’ve had all year. Step aside Roger, give someone else a go in North Thanet.

    Preferably one who isn’t obsessed with cargo aviation.

  8. Anyone who is seriously considering voting Conservative after the last decade seriously needs to be have their few remaining brain cells realigned.

    They are a joke and they have turned out country into an international laughing stock. I have never known such a desperate mess of a ruling party at a time when the electorate are crying out for help.

    They need a lengthy term in opposition to figure out exactly what it is that they stand for and to go back to basics with their ethos and values.

  9. I came here to win a bet with myself that Peter Checksfield would be commenting about how much he loves Boris and the Tories. I won. But, it wasn’t hard… One tragic excuse for a man supporting another tragic excuse for a man, surprise!

    • And… how much did you win?

      What’s your odds on Bojo getting back in?

      Who do you want to lead the Tories?

      Am I wasting my time trying to get an intelligent response from someone as angry as you?

      Answers on a saucy Margate postcard, please!

      • 1. I won £5 which, thanks to your favourite party, is now worth exactly 43p
        2. Odds are 2:1 in favour of Johnson. This government are that awful
        3. I don’t want anyone leading the Tories. I want them gone. They are unfit to hold office. I’m no huge Labour supporter, either, but I’d take them over this shower.

        Was that intelligent enough for you?

    • I believed in Bojo but realise now I was a fool and so many were!

      The Conservatives need a break and a rethink!

  10. Plenty of comments allowed on here I see, most tearing the Tories apart – but that’s fair enough, free speech and all that.
    However, Kathie Bailes, when it comes to the troubles at the migrant processing centre at Manston and the serious outbreak of diphtheria therein, amongst many other problems, I see yet again [email protected] commenting is not allowed.
    Censorship seems to be alive and well within Gazette Towers. All wrong!

    • Ton I agree with you I myself have made a comment about the cases of diphtheria at Manston on here, I agree with some of the censorship but this is one I am with you I feel that this camp for a better word is going to blow before long, the migrants should have a better play e to stay with the amount arriving each week its just not a suitable place for them the government needs to get on top of it as its not fair to keep them locked in their while they keep voting in another waste of space, the home office has to sort it out quickly if anyone is in titled to seek asylum or they are just jumping on the band wagon like lots of Bulgarians have.

      • Why should they have a better place to live they are mostly illegal and most probably Albanians, If they were genuine asylum seekers they would ask for asylum at the first safe country but they don’t as they think GB streets are paved with gold, there not and we are a small island and the strain this is putting on KCC it is at near breaking point. We are still paying the French for exactly what, escorting the dingys to British waters. Do not get me wrong but I have every sympathy for the genuine asylum seekers but not for these illegals who are only here to make money one way or another

  11. Plenty of people putting in their two pence worth on their favoured candidate and asking ‘who else’. To put it simply Liz Truss should be the party leader. She was voted for by the members after the due procedure was followed. The members must have known how useless she is but choose to exercise their democratic vote – we should respect that decision.

    • But most of us didn’t have a democratic vote – just the Tory faithful.
      And it seems to me that they are following due process in getting rid of her (by now, a tried and trusted process)

      • The Tory faithful and other members voted for the last PM. Including many overseas members, unchecked by a robust anti-corruption voting system like a General Election is. How many of those overseas Conservative members are Russian? For this reason this 2nd leadership contest should be stopped and a General Election called immediately.

  12. I don’t care who leads the Tories.Those who support the party or are members of the Conservative party should be worried however,because Johnson does not care what he does to the tory party, he only acts in his own interests.Like most monsters he appears affable,likeable and kind, but this only a patina, an act, a role, he plays to get what he wants.
    If the lunatics are running the asylum,it is because the chief lunatic has created chaos out of order.
    The Tory party was once a well funded, well oiled election machine, now it is a hollowed out shell of warring factions and self seeking opportunists, and the public have finally come to the conclusion, that regretfully their number is up.Its no use Peter Checksfield shouting woke or lefties in the vain hope that Boris is going pull off a miracle election,because he won’t, and the smart money in the Tory party knows it.If by some fatal mischance the tory party makes another gross error of judgement by bring BJ back,they will only make things worse for the party and the UK.

  13. Isn’t Pincher still an MP
    Tory Party mired in sleaze
    Johnson due to be discussed by Privileges committee

    All Peter can do is ask who else?

    Maybe no one and as several MPs have stated they need a period in opposition, mind you the latest polls give them just 14% approval with Labour on 53%,
    That equates to ZERO seats

      • No,he resigned because he saw that his party wouldn’t support him,whereas last year Peter, a Tory MP was caught watching porn on his phone by another Tory MP and he denied it and said I quote ‘was looking for a website on tractors and came inadvertantly on a porn website’.The Tories lost Honiton and East Devon where I used to live.It had always been Tory even in 1906 &1945.
        This is not a football match Peter,it’s our country and it is childish to pick on one man’s failings and suggest that the whole party is somehow in his image.
        If we’re to apply that to the countless failings of the conservative party I would be here all night.
        The conservative party was once a great institution run by serious people,now it makes the Keystone cops seem efficient,and that’s sad.
        Stop excusing the inexcusable and asking those who don’t support your values to find a leader,face your demons as a man and see the situation as it really is instead of spouting juvenile nonsense.
        The country needs boring efficient government not self publicists,chancers and boorish buffoons.
        Sunak and Mordaunt may steady the ship,but I think the public have already made up their minds.No wheezes, exaggerations,and manoeuvrings are going to change that.Whoever gets the job will have a mighty task and doing it will make the conservative party even more unpopular as mortgage payments, energy bills and the cost of living make us all feel poorer.
        Grow up and face the music,it’s been fun for some,but you really cannot have cake and eat it.

  14. What a dreadfully psychotic country we have become.

    Less than a banana Republic.

    The cult of “I’m all right Jack fxx you”

    Will eventually eat itself.

    Bon appetite.

  15. Apparently Boris is looking for a safe seat as he could lose his seat at next election and he has his eye on Thanet.


    I’ve heard it all. That was reported on south east news.

  16. Dorchester bag or a turd..Johnson is a compulsive liar and cheat…ask his ex,kids and fellow journalists and Torie liars

  17. There is a saying “be careful what you wish for”
    Of course there were good reasons why people wanted to get rid of Boris but most of them were not political.
    In comes Liz Truss who promised a load of uncosted tax cuts for the rich in order to appeal to the mostly wealthy businessmen in the Tory Party. Once in power she appointed Kwasi Kwartang as chancellor to deliver on what she had promised. His mini budget sent the pound into free fall and tanked the economy.
    Truss then sacks Kwartang (as if it was his fault) in order to save her job. In comes Jeremy Hunt to reverse virtually everything that was in the mini budget. This of course means that Truss won the leadership race on a false pretence.
    Then came the ridiculous press conference where Truss was clearly out of her depth and hadn’t a clue what she was doing.
    Suella Braverman then resigned, probably because she didn’t want to be part of this farce any longer. This led to calls from the back benches and probably from the cabinet too for Truss to resign which she duly accepted. Now there is a possibility Boris could come back despite being investigated over party gate and whether he knowingly lied to parliament and to the Queen etc.
    You couldn’t make it up!
    But, this country has another problem. A labour party with an unpopular persona. “Swarmy” Sir Kier and “toxic” Angela Rayner leading the only party capable of winning enough votes to depose the shambles which the Tory Party have become. Add to that the problem with nearly all of the Scottish seats being taken by the SNP. These are traditional Labour seats which Labour have relied on to win previous elections. Not anymore.
    So that brings us to the next problem, a hung parliament which could either see the Tories remaining in power but having to do deals with the smaller parties (I can’t see the Lib Dems going in with the Tories again) or the possibility of Starmer doing a deal with the SNP to become prime minister which would mean having to agree to another Scottish referendum which would risk breaking up the United Kingdom.
    As far as I’m concerned, it’s better the devil you know and at least with Boris Johnson, you know he’s a devil.

    • On current projections, Labour would win outright, and the Tory MP(s) would be occupying a few seats in the darkest corner.

    • The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result – Albert Einstein

    • The way things look now I imagine SNP will use a GE as a quasi independence vote. Either way Scotland is going, what possible reason would they have to stay in The Union when the major partner (England) has caused so much damage, laughing stock of the world!
      Then you’ve to consider Irish re-unification as their demographics and political allegiances have shifted.
      The “Union” is dead in the water. The sooner politicians realise the gulls flocking on the sea are actually feeding on the corpse the better.
      So, if a progressive alliance can beat the tory neo-liberal evangelical gangsters, we might get a decent PR electoral system that allows MP’s to represent their electorate rather that their party whips.

      • I’m fine with Scotland having independence. Let’s see if they can afford free prescriptions, free university education and free social care when they’re only collecting taxes from a population of less that 5 & half million people (by contrast, London alone has almost 9 million).

  18. Makes laugh how the Left always go on about “old white men” running the country, yet they’d rather have 60 year old, white, male, Keir Starmer running the country than a woman or an Asian! I guess that’s their warped idea of “equality”.

  19. The Tory party rejected the ‘asian’ when it had the chance.As I said before, warped is a party who picked Liz Truss.
    30 years ago the Tory party lost economic credibility over black Wednesday.4 years later the Tory party lost badly.
    The Tory govt did manage to turn round the economy,but it still lost.This time round the economy is in a far worse condition,even if some stability could be wrought by a new govt,it will be painful and unpopular.A general election can only be called by the King.
    The King may feel that the state of the country with an extremely unpopular govt requires a confirmation that the new govt has the confidence of the British public.
    Peter Checksfield’s cheap shots only shows the bankruptcy of his arguments.He still tries to defend the indefensible and he flips from being pro Boris to being pro Sunak as each one of his bogus arguments fall away.
    One point in which he is correct is that the Labour party should produce a leader who is neither,male,stale and pale,but as with the extraordinary state of the Tory party we are where we are.

  20. But you are a tofu eating, woke leftie,you voted green.I suspect that you are a DFL that dyes his hair and promotes books on 60’s pop culture when all right thinking people should be reading Arthur Bryant history books.
    Instead of being a horny handed tribune of the proletariat you are merely a snowflake luvvy and a Kulak.Whereas we stakhanovites are the true upholders of working class culture. Anyway, in one of your other ramblings you were accusing the labour party of misogyny and racism because they had not been diverse enough, which is it do you care about diversity in party leaders or not?
    You are so wonky that even when I suggest you might be right on to something, you are still up for a rant. Make your bloody mind up.

    • I’ve never eaten tofu or dyed my hair (except once many years back, when I bleached my hair in an attempt to look like Iggy Pop – and instead resembled Ronald McDonald)… and I voted Green as a protest for all of the concreting over Thanet that neither Conservative or Labour seem to do much opposing.

      Back to your question: I’m glad that the main party I’ve supported over the years now has so much diversity, but I certainly wouldn’t be rude about someone because of their gender, age or ethnicity (as far as I’m concerned, “male, stale and pale” is just as bad as criticising someone for being “female, young and black”!).

  21. Does George Nokes think he is intellectually superior on this thread?
    You speak for yourself George and not the rest of us.
    We are all quite able to make our own decisions.
    Personally, I think you are an extremely rude person and your attacks on Peter Checksfield just goes too far.
    Peter Checksfield never makes disparaging remarks like you.
    All you lefties on this thread are also rude, like a pack attacking P.Checksfield.
    You may not like what he says, but he is always gracious.
    The only thing in George Nokes favour is at least he has the guts to put his name.
    Unlike the rest who hide behind stupid ones and in my opinion are gutless.
    If you feel that strongly about an article on here put your name.
    Some of them are really laughable.

  22. No,Jack,I just don’t like cheap shots, and if you read Peter’s comments they often are very cheap.A lot of stuff about woke,lefties and Corbyn. I just responded in a similar manner,to show how juvenile and lacking and hollow his comments really are.In football terms, he goes for the man and not the ball,because he has nothing of substance to say.
    In terms of a pack,what do you think are doing now? How do you know I am a ‘leftie’ and if I were what does it matter? As for graciousness, is calling people woke or lefties,just because they hold a different viewpoint,gracious,I think not.
    I am glad you think I am an intellectual,as someone who was told he was an iron child at age 11, banished to a secondary modern for 4 years,and not expected to achieve much in life,I take the intellectual snobbery jibe as a badge of honour.
    Did I say that I speak for anyone other than myself? Who is ‘us’? If us is those voted in a group of individuals who have shown themselves to be incapable of running the country in a satisfactory manner,and have put the economy in jeopardy,then I suggest less said is soonest mended.
    Please don’t mention getting Brexit done, or getting covid vaccinations early, because the resulting debt,reduction in GDP, and lack of growth is something we will all have to live with for some time to come.
    I am glad you are thinking,just try to make your case without childish insults. Debate ought to be possible without all the verbiage, just cut out all the ‘lefties, woke, snowfake stuff.

    • Oh crikey these threads are really a hoot now! George you do worked up it must be your years sitting on a County Council. Chill chill!

    • George Nokes. What do you mean by iron child? Plus what a strange word to use ‘banished’ to a secondary modern. Many people including myself got a good solid education in such a school! You really sound that you have a big chip on your shoulder.

  23. Oops! get should have been typed between ‘do’and ‘worked’ in my post above! I should also say I marvel that Einstein has been mentioned in a post on this thread!!

  24. “Peter Checksfield never makes disparaging remarks like you.”
    Yes, he does.

    ” …but he is always gracious.”
    No, he isn’t.

      • Who cares,the country doesn’t care,the rest of the world doesn’t care.Let’s end the comedy of errors and let the people choose for once.
        Laurence doesn’t know what an iron child was or is.
        The 1944 education act divided up children at age 11,between the golden children who would go to Grammar school,the Silver children who would go to a technical school and iron children who would go to a secondary modern.
        It was always envisaged that the golden children would come from the middle class,the silver children would come from the lower middle and working classes and the iron children would come from the working class.
        KCC being cheapskates never built many technical schools,which is why we have a lot of arts graduates an not enough technicians,this is why Thanet and Kent have economic stagnation.
        I found secondary modern education limiting,but obviously not for Laurence.
        The real issue is not my experience but the loss of talent.
        Our problem with the Fred Karno theatre at Westminster is the pool of talent from which it’s drawn from. It’s mostly public school though funnily enough not so much from the Labour leadership this time.

  25. I’m glad I was banished to a secondary modern school, gave me good education helping to make my way in life, I worked hard and retired at 58 , I owe nothing to anyone and enjoy life. I’ve even seen improvements in the cleaner streets around Margate now get ri of the weeds

  26. Gales is a complete waste of space.

    I notice he is only quitting the party and not his seat.

    Gale is too scared to go to the polls, he is almost universally hated in his constituency what with his nepotism, vocal support of two tory colleagues – both on whom went to prison and complete lack of any effort spanning decades. Gales represents everything that is rotten in politics, milking the public purse for as much as possible with the least amount of effort.

  27. Is this the way Roger Gale thinks he can get his way by saying he will leave his job ! One day someone will call your baffle ?

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