Road closure at St Lawrence due to ‘fallen debris’

Part of the road is closed

A fire crew and police are in attendance today (October 20) following a report of debris falling from a property in St Lawrence.

The area from the St Lawrence High Street roundabout onto Newington Road up to the roundabout for Manston Road is currently closed. The debris is understood to be coming from the currently shut Wheatsheaf pub.

A Kent Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “Kent Fire and Rescue Service was called at 3.02pm to reports of fallen debris from a property in High Street, St Lawrence, in Ramsgate. One fire engine is in attendance.”

The Stagecoach 34 service is affected by the road closure.


The incident is ongoing.


  1. it sounds to me like a little ( or big ) fires on the way , but then i dont suppose they can jam too many houses on that site ?????

  2. The owners of the pub live on site I know them personally, they did want to convert most of building to flats but was turned down , the building isn’t empty

  3. The Tories have achieved what Hitler couldn’t, brought this once great nation to its knees, with ordinary people paying the penalty for 12 years of not running a country for its betterment but for themselves what they can get from it and to do or promise anything to stay in power to inflict further misery. Then they screw up again with more incompetence, # WE WANT A GENERAL ELECTION NOW

  4. Will these idiotic Labour people stop calling for a general election. We have no prime minister too go to the King to absolve parliament

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