CCTV issued by police investigating Lego theft from Westwood toy store

Police would like to speak to these three people

Kent Police officers have released CCTV images as part of an investigation into the theft of Lego sets from a shop at Westwood.

At around 5.35pm on Friday 2 September, two large Lego sets were stolen from the Smyths store. Kent Police say officers are investigating “the theft of high-value goods.”

Police have now issued CCTV images of three women they would like to identify and speak to as they may have information which could assist enquiries.

Anyone with information about the theft or the identity of those pictured, should call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting 46/172744/22.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form


  1. i would imagine theres going to be a lot more of this type of crime in the run up too christmas , given the mess the country is in

  2. Think police are interested as there have been national thefts of those popular block toys, organised crime by ~~~~~~~ins everyone knows.
    Self select shops = easy to steal from, why is the shop cctv so rubbish or maybe other better images are reserved.
    Thinking our lovely country is being sucked dry by those that have been welcomed here and some legacy herberts.
    Time for new government leader, hopefully PP (paddy power) gave me decent odds at 12/1 for truss not to be leader on or before 1 january 2023.
    My pension is in the hands of PP

      • Iirc boris and a ghost are writing his experiences, so it will take a while.
        Why would boris want to be PM when the salary is a pittance compared for what a book deal (plus maybe netflux) could pay him.
        Everyone knows the ex pm has financial outgoing issues from his past life, at least he is paying for his issues. Which is good.

      • Vote for me I will kick out all ILLEGALS and their spawn since 1982 our population has increased by 12 million Google that all you snowflakes

    • That’s why the police are interested. This is organised gangs rather than opportunistic shoplifters.

      Given it’s been such a “thing” for so long, it amazes me why the toy shops don’t have the bigger sets behind the counter with display boxes out.

  3. Thanks all, sitting in a public bar in wembley an old sage once told me betting on animals is utter lottery and i should wager on human beings as they are more predictable.

    It works, Truss me.

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