Hair-raising workshops as Pfizer chemists visit pupils at St Laurence Junior Academy

Science workshops at St Laurence Junior Academy

A team of chemists from Pfizer have visited St Laurence Junior Academy in Ramsgate as part of their STEM outreach programme.

The visit started with an assembly about the fire triangle where children witnessed exploding balloons of methane, hydrogen and oxygen. The Pfizer team also demonstrated the explosive properties of custard powder and how dangerous it can be in large open spaces.

Connor from Year 4 said: “I was worried at first but we were given safety glasses and it was cool to see the fire!”

After the exciting assembly, classes visited the hall where the chemists were providing workshops. Pegwell and Palm Bay classes took part in a workshop about static electricity. Firstly, they explored the effects of static electricity on balloons and paper and then some children were lucky enough to have the opportunity to place their hand on an electrostatic generator which provided literally hair-raising results!

In the second half of the day, Botany, Minnis, Kingsgate and Epple Bay classes learned about DNA. The information session explained how DNA works and where we get our DNA from. The children then had the opportunity to make the helix shape out of gummy sweets to take away with them. All classes were gleaming with joy as they left their sessions.

Science Leader Jack Spencer said: “It was great to see all the classes having fun with science by taking part in and witnessing things which you wouldn’t normally get in school.

“Heather and the team (from Pfizer) did an amazing job engaging and motivating the children within science.”

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  1. Pfizer ! You know when you’re going to die with their covid shots: first your hair falls out, then you die – as my aunt and her son, my cousin, did.

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