Road closed as emergency services attend collision in Cliftonville

Emergency services are in attendance

Police and paramedics are in attendance at a crash in Cliftonville.

The incident has meant the closure both ways of a stretch at Ethelbert Crescent near to the bend at Eastern Esplanade.

It is reported a driver has hit a wall which then hit a pedestrian.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to Eastern Esplanade, Cliftonville at 3.45pm  following a report that a car had collided with a pedestrian and a wall.

“Officers remain at the scene along with South East Coast Ambulance Service and the road is currently closed.”

Photo Maria J Gilbert

It is understood no saerious injuries were reported.

South East Coast Ambulance Service has been asked for further details.


  1. More inconsiderate pedestrians walking along the pavements & builders putting things in silly places. How do you expect these conscientious, law abiding drivers not to hit them?

  2. I was there the car didn’t hit the pedestrian it hit the wall and the wall knocked the pedestrian over and injured her , I was the one calming the lady down

  3. Morning Kathy.. I drive round that bend. It reads slow.. Which means slow but sadly other idiots tear round.. Its a blind bend. You dont need to drive fast though to hit a brick wall. Not sure Kathy who owns that wall. It was hit a few years ago took ages to repair. If its kcc owned maybe another solution but still. DRIVE WITH DUE CARE AND ATTENTION. OR HAVE YOUR LICENCE REVOKED.

    My obs on driving, lots of bmw drivers around the area, audis.. More likely to be drug dealers especially dalby square area. Most are foreign nationals… I only said on Monday this week there would be an accident soon because drivers are not driving how they should up that way. Hope they are okay.

  4. This is a dangerous double bend and often minor accidents/incidents taking place there. the wall was knocked down next to the entrance to the Queen’s Court flats a while ago.
    KCC should erect a crash barrier with chevrons directing vehicles a tight bend exists. If the vehicle had been going fast then it would have gone over the edge onto the Newgate Gap slope below.
    KCC are responsible to make it safe but I see in the second image above they still haven’t bothered to remove the ‘New Zebra Crossing Ahead’ sign. These temporary warning signs should only be in place for a maximum period of 3 months, these have been here over 10 years since the put in place for the Viking Ship Adventure Playground! This poor maintenance is down to the Kent highways inspectors.

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