Broadstairs Folk Week launches crowdfunding campaign

Broadstairs Folk Week Photo Frank Leppard

A fundraiser is now running in a bid to cover costs of the 2023 Broadstairs Folk Festival.

After the challenges of the last couple of years, and the adaptations of the festival format in 2021 and 2022 because of the pandemic, the organisers at Folk Week say they are thrilled to have come through them and are now looking forward to 2023 and beyond.

Photo Frank Leppard

Folk Week is looking for support for next year’s event in Broadstairs and is looking forward to the 60th anniversary in 2025.

Festival Director Jo Tuffs said: “We have some very loyal supporters of the festival, and they are already donating but we’re hoping that the thousands of people who enjoy the festival as an essential part of their summer will make a pledge. Lots of small donations are really important – so even the price of a pint, a glass of wine or a coffee will make a difference to the campaign.”

Photo Frank Leppard

If successful, the Crowdfunder gives Folk Week the opportunity to unlock funds from Kent County Council. The target amount is £33031 and will contribute to the massive fund-raising effort required to organise Folk Week.

The campaign is called Broadstairs Folk Week 2023 and Beyond and will run until 20 December 2022.

Click on this link to pledge:


  1. Good luck with your efforts.Could you please allocate some money to help those in nearby streets with litter picking and excess dog excrement.I get fed up clearing up nappies thrown in my garden along with half full glasses of alchohol left on my wall or pavement plus the normal litter like cigarette butts.empty cans,food wrappings etc.
    Dont want to spoil peoples fun but locals are disrespected by some and we know the council won’t clear up.

  2. We went to the Tenterden Folk Festival last weekend, and Santa Claus in the pink dress (last photo) was there too! Unlike the Broadstairs event, there also seemed to be hardly any drunkeness or litter.

    • Apparently the Tenterden event was supported by Ashford Community Lottery. Maybe something similar needs to be done in Broadstairs and/or they need to make it a weekend rather than week-long event?

      Saw Lindisfarne and Megson in Broadstairs this year, a fabulous show! Did you support it?

      • Just when I think you couldn’t get any more ignorant, you come out with the belter, “It’s exaggerated” in response to someone’s comment about the cost of living crisis.

        Had it ever occurred to you that those who are struggling most / will continue to struggle most are already not frequenting restaurants and pubs, and that you and those people who frequent the same establishments as you are incredibly fortunate? No? Of course it didn’t… That would require a level of critical thinking you are demonstrably incapable of.

          • Alas, a) I have absolutely no interest in folk music, thus wouldn’t attend a folk festival and b) whilst I do not living in a ghetto by any stretch of the imagination, I do have eyes and ears and compassion. I see the poverty, first hand. I see people close to me struggling financially. I see the serious challenges facing decent people this winter. The fact you are as glib about this as you are just reaffirms mine and many other people’s strongly held view that you are a terrible human being

          • Yes, I’m horrid.

            Meanwhile, in the real world…

            (a) A live venue in Margate raised its intended funds within days.

            (b) The Folk Festival raised 10% of its more ambitious target almost immediately.

            Clearly, there are still lots of people, even in Thanet, with money to spare.

            As I said, the “crisis” is exaggerated.

  3. i dont think i would want to encourage some of that behaviour and strange dressing up activities, it all looks a bit warped to me

  4. I’m starting a crowdfunding campaign for my yearly shopping 8f anyone is interested in helping me!

    Surely Broadstairs parish council should be supporting this plus what happens to the money it brings in every year?

    Does it not go to the following years festival?

    Folk week is ok as long as you go before 6pm, then the idiots come out to use it as a excuse to drink in the streets and cause trouble for those there to have fun!

  5. Surly if you need more money to run your Folk Festival. You just raise the price of your tickets. If your ticket sales do not cover your costs you are doing something wrong. They could start by paying for repairing the gate at Lawn Road they damaged this year.

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