Emergency services at scene of van and bicycle collision in Minster

Emergency services

Kent Police officers are currently at the scene of a collision involving a van and a bicycle in Grinsell Hill, Minster.

Emergency services, including the air ambulance, were called to the scene, just off The Lanes, shortly before 7.30am today (October 6) and the road remains closed while the incident is responded to.

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  1. Real World.
    Before I read the comments, I knew you would have your two pennies worth, you’re so predictable it’s boring.

  2. so only your opinion counts then stanley ? it must be nice to be right all the time , but so tedious for those that have to listen to you.

  3. Unfortunately speed is responsible for most accidents not necessarily excessive speed. If one drives at such a speed that one cannot see what’s around the next corner then it’s careless to say the least. No one knows they have made a mistake until the have made it.

    • So true Bill.

      They also dont realise the damage that can be done to someone when they get hit.
      Cyclists are seen as a nuisance because they hold you up for a few seconds, but they are human beings and someone’s partner parent child etc.

      I know some are twats on the bike and we all get tarred with that brush, same as drivers!

      I got hit 4 years ago and luckily walked away with severe bruises on my back, all because they were too busy talking to pay attention to what was in front of them!

      People need to respect each other more and if someone wants to cycle/walk/run then treat them like youd like to be treated yourself.

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