Barletta duo to open wine bar and restaurant in Cliftonville this month

Sète in Northdown Road will open on October 13

The duo behind Margate’s Barletta at the Turner Contemporary, and previously of Barletta on The Roof, will open a new wine bar and restaurant  this month.

Natalia Ribbe and Jackson Berg say Sète in Northdown Road is inspired by the wine bars of Paris and southern France and will draw inspiration in equal measure from the rustic country kitchens of Marseille and the bustling wine bars of Paris, offering a welcoming hideaway just off Margate’s coastline.

Natalia Photo Sète

Bottles of wine will sit against sandy-coloured walls and vintage mirrors will frame the menu and wine list, alongside three prints of Margate’s seascape by local artist Auntie Print. Vintage crockery and glassware, sourced by Natalia and Jackson during a trip to Grande Braderie De Lille, will adorn the tables.

Sète’s menu – mostly small, sharing snacks influenced by French cuisines and dining culture – will feature local ingredients, simply cooked. Dishes will include:

Chicken and egg mayo with anchovy Pâté en croûte with pickled gherkin

Potted smoked prawn with brown crab butter Chickpeas with persillade

Tarte a l’oignon, comete and Walmestone Growers salad

Operating as a wine bar and shop, Sète’s wine list will feature cuvées suitable for every occasion and palette. The wine list, available on tap, and by the glass and bottle, will change frequently and provide insight into winemakers whose products Natalia and Jackson are excited to showcase at Sète.

The wine list will have a leaning towards female winemakers, as well as wines chosen from regions in Eastern Europe where Natalia spent much of her childhood.  The team will also be working with several Kent winemakers. Up to 50 wines will be available and all bottles will be available to drink at the bar or to takeaway at lower retail prices.

Natalia said: “With Sète, we wanted to bring together some of the key influences we love from restaurants in France. We were very inspired by the local tabac restaurants in St Remy de Provence and the local institutions of Marseille. At Sète, it’s all about neighbourhood, fun, a relaxed style of service, good wine, tasty snacks, and great tunes.”

Photo Sète

Jackson and Natalia bring over 25 years worth of hospitality experience with them gained from Margate, London and New York.

Sète  will open on October 13 at 238 Northdown Road, Cliftonville

Opening hours

Wednesday to Friday 4-11

Saturday 12-11

Sunday 12-9



    • Usually an art gallery,didn’t they get the memo..Northdown Rd the gift that keeps on giving…
      As Harry Hill used to say..(from the safety of Whitstable) FIIIIGHT..!🙂

    • You’re right about Ramsgate, wrong about the others (Birchington/Westgate are within walking distance, and Broadstairs station is far safer than hanging about for a bus in Northdown Road/Cecil Square/Ramsgate).

      • Broadstairs station is where all the drug deals are going on. Seen it with my own eyes. Not as ‘safe’ as you think Peter, sadly 😥

      • Very sad that you feel this way. As a long time bussiness owner in Northdown rd. We are always surprised with these comments people make. I also live in Broadstairs so I can say Broadstairs can be more scary than cliftonville. I hope your writings done with more thought and facts than this post. After all there was a stabbing in Broadstairs.
        Sad so much fake news is spread this way. This doesn’t help the regeneration of thanet as a whole.

  1. Looking forward to visiting ….Cliftonville is becoming quite cosmopolitan…don’t knock it ..years ago this was THE place to live in Thanet I wish them every success…please support new ventures🥂🍾😉

    • ‘Cliftonville becoming quite cosmopolitan’! I obviously am not viewing Cliftonville these days in the same light you are. No way I would venture into Dodge City after dark with my wife. However, I applauded their courage in setting up a new business.

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