Chilton house captains ready for action

Chilton house captains

Newly-elected house captains are looking forward to their important roles at Chilton Primary School in Ramsgate.

The team was chosen in the first few weeks of the new school year following a thorough and challenging selection process.

Every child from Year 6 decided to contest the eight roles. They had to write and present a speech to staff and their peers about why they would make an ideal house captain. Following this all members of staff could vote for who they thought fitted the bill, with the final decision being taken by Head of School Kate Law and the Year 6 team.

Bonita and Noah, Normans

Deputy Head of School Hannah Cheshire said: “We were blown away by the quality and content of the speeches, and the passion and composure of their delivery.”

Penny and Cody, Saxons

After much deliberation, the house captains for 2022-2023 were named as Bonita and Noah for Normans (green badge), Jack and Finley for Vikings (blue badge), Hendrix and Tamyia for Romans (red badge) and Penny and Cody for Saxons.

Their duties include collecting house points each week and announcing the weekly winners in assembly. They set an example for all the pupils in school in terms of attitudes, values and behaviour. They help when showing guest visitors around Chilton and support the school leadership team with formulating and implementing new initiatives within the school.

Hendrix and Tamyia, Romans

Tamyia said: “I had to hold back the tears when my name was called out in assembly. I was just so overwhelmed.” Cody added:  “It was nerve-wracking speaking in front of the whole of Year 6, but I’m so pleased I was chosen.”

Mrs Cheshire added: “The children chosen epitomise our values of respect, equality, courage and kindness. We trust they will represent Chilton Primary School in the best possible way.”

Jack and Finley, Vikings

Head of School Kate Law agreed and said: “These are pivotal positions for girls and boys who will be role models and mentors. They are a responsible group who will embrace the challenge and contribute greatly to the ongoing smooth-running of our school. We are looking forward to working with them as our senior pupil team.”