Six arrested on suspicion of drug dealing offences in series of police raids in Thanet

Kent Police (Image Thanet Police)

Drugs, cash and phones have been seized and six suspected drug dealers arrested as part of an ongoing investigation by Kent Police.

On the mornings of Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 September, officers carried out warrants at a number of properties in the Thanet area.

Six men, aged between 29 and 41, were arrested on suspicion of drugs offences and phones, suspected cocaine and more than £9,000 in cash was seized.

An investigation into a possible drug dealing network in the area is ongoing and the suspects have been released under investigation while further enquiries are carried out.

Thanet’s District Commander Chief Inspector Matthew Smith said: “Kent Police is all too aware of the violence, anti-social behaviour and other crime which drug dealing brings to our communities.

“We are determined to dismantle the networks who traffic drugs into our area and will pursue, arrest and charge those involved at every opportunity.”


  1. Great news maybe catching the boy on scooter and man in car was fruitful except maybe one as same day as other arrest or other information? Shame they let them out under investigation, but good work by police.

    • The last place the police want these people is under lock and key for the time being.
      They will be watched , the people that may visit will be noted, where they go will be noted.
      They may just lead to other arrests , they be no use inside at this time.

    • Where there is demand there is supply. Will just be taken over by their mates. How long has this war against drugs been going now

  2. I report everything I see with as much detail as possible, often that includes reg numbers, may not see instant results but it builds a bigger picture. Well done KP💪

    • Big Nose nice one the more we do the better but sometimes you wonder especially when the amount of info you have given never seems to be enough, we need more citizens to inform on them.

    • Well done BN, but be aware that sometimes they’re showing false plates. You need to get the VIN (in the bottom right corner of the windscreen) I once reported a guy in a silver VW, the plate was actually registered to a green Fiat 500!

      • Ewan Uzarmi i would and have just give the registration make model and colour of car if you go looking for the vin number your liable to be seen and get into something more serious like a beating, even if the registration belongs to another vehicle its still breaking law and why would it need to be on false plates? Registration, colour, make & model and police will find it from those details through ANPR either cars or a camera for that purpose.

        • That’s a very good point Chris; recording the VIN could be dangerous. Although in the case I mentioned, the police never did find the driver. I could have obtained the VIN, it just didn’t occur to me.

      • Better to be a grass than let these drug selling scumbags ruin another life, those who don’t report to the appropriate authorities are condoning what they do, and yes I do no what your alias name means that you are either a user or a pusher.

  3. Waste of police time, and public money! De-criminalise drugs, and let those who use them kill themselves with them, its the best option, and the money saved could go on to more worthy issues!

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