Arrest made after man stabbed in Broadstairs

Image Kent Police

A man has been arrested after another male was stabbed in Broadstairs last night (September 29).

Kent Police officers were contacted at 10.15pm to a report of a man who had been assaulted in Albion Street, opposite the junction with Harbour Street.

Officers attended along with South East Coast Ambulance Service and the man was taken to a local hospital with a stab wound injury. His injuries are understood to not be life-threatening.

A 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of assault and a weapon has been recovered as part of the investigation.

Anyone who witnessed the incident, or who has CCTV or dashcam footage which may assist enquiries, should contact Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/189664/22.

You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form on their website.


    • Fred really it’s happening all over Thanet but Broadstairs is a bit more safer due to the arrest of the person who is possibly the person who has stabbed the man,

    • Fred, 99% of the time it is visitors to the town who create the problems, I hope Ramsgate and Margate are as safe as you say they are. Stay safe.

    • When you live in Broadstairs (a beautiful quaint little seaside town), but you feel like you need to act like a poor youth in a inner city london slum….what a loser 😆😅🤣😂

      • When your classism makes you look down on the poor and feel a sense of superiority instead of empathising with them and maybe providing solutions, post like Ten11.

    • R-T you are spot on anyone who carries and then stabbed someone with a knife should be charged with attempted murder, they use the same old saying that they were carrying the knife to protect themselves no way if you carry a knife you mean to use it, that is pre-meditated.

      • Unsure if you are 100% right, I was pinned up against a wall when I was 15 , it was a big old kitchen knife, had all my money taken and a watch my late dad bought me for my 13th birthday.
        I carried a stanley knife , it was a bird scraper for 30 years yes thirty , I think I would have used it if I needed to, luckily never had to.
        It was sort of help in my mind.

        • Paul I wonder was your knife completely clean of guano (bird poo) or was this why you had it on youu, if you said it was for protection and you used it first then you need to prove it was to save your life self defence but this is different to what we/I was going by the what has occurred in the iotn post which is as I said or police/CPS would go for a lesser offence of GBH to make sure of a conviction. But glad you didn’t have to use it, I was stabbed back in 1976 I was 20 nobody saw who did it not even myself as he /she was behind me and in a crowd I thought about it a couple of times when I was out but never picked up a knife for protection as I felt like it would be like being the person who used the knife on me by carrying one.

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